Road Trips and Sandcastles // A Video Diary

I’ve been enjoying taking footage to splice into “Video Diaries” or “Vlogs” (whichever I choose to call them…personally I’m really enjoying calling them “Video Diaries” – unsure why! It just sounds so classy to me!) It’s nothing perfect or crazy – but it is a happy memory that I am choosing to share with all of you today.

This video is of when Bryce and I took a road trip around Vancouver Island last week. It was a little two day trip that we were able to take, and have a nice getaway during Bryce’s off days. We travelled up to Parksville to go to the beach and checked out there Sandcastle Competition (themed around Canada’s 150th(plus) Birthday!). We then hit up “Coombs” a small town, with lots of fun artisan shops to check out. Eventually we made our way to Campbell River to visit my parents, where we also checked out ice-cream on the pier (it had dairy, so no ice-cream for me! – Sadly.), and the Elk-Fall Suspension Bridge. It was a short trip, and on the second day we went to a couple local Campbell River Bakeries (Dave’s Bakery, check it out if you’re ever in Campbell River. I couldn’t eat anything there, but Bryce did, it was a high recommendation on my parents part as well.) Afterwards we went to the beach, and made our way back home.

I chose to capture the beach and the sandcastles, as well as some footage of us in the car in video form…and thus this “Video Diary” was created! Keep your eye out for pictures, there will be some coming in post form soon…but if you really can’t wait, I’d recommend you follow my instagram.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

Youtube: click here


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