20 Things I Did In the Past Year (While I was 20)

Twenty was a good number for me.  This past year (while being twenty) has been pretty amazing. It has also been exciting, emotional, crazy, hard, complicated, and absolutely wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing….in celebration of my twenty-first birthday I thought I would share some things that I have done, and things that I have accomplished in this past year. I am positive that a lot more has gone down in the past 365 days, but instead of trying to think of all of them here are a few little and big victories and accomplishments that I think are worth noting from my year being twenty.

  1. Graduated with a Certificate in Theology.
  2. Got into another college program of my choice.
  3. Began studying Creative Writing.
  4. Studied Music.
  5. Passed theory…with a good mark!
  6. Came out of my first semester at a new college, with a relatively good GPA.
  7. Finished my first semester at a new school.
  8. Moved to a new city.
  9. Managed to successfully clean my house.
  10. Learned how to dance Balboa.
  11. Competed in a Jack ‘n Jill!
  12. Worked in a daycare.
  13. Worked in a church as a Children’s Ministry Intern.
  14. Read through a lot of theology textbooks.
  15. Found a CC Cream/Foundation that DOESN’T KILL MY FACE! 
  16. Created a collection of songs, that I am incredibly happy about and proud of.
  17. Read at a high-level College/University Academic Paper launch.
  18. Began visiting the ocean a lot more.
  19. Traveled, traveled, and traveled!
  20. Managed to actually nail out and sing an Adele song.

Good-bye twenty! Hello Twenty-One!

What have you done in the past year??

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

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  1. I really appreciate the way you think! Adventure is everywhere and your accomplishment will inspire others! Would you concider adding one of your posts to my linkup?


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