Bohemian Wall Hanging + Timelapse Video

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Recently I have been having a lot of fun decorating my room, and adding some personalized touches, such as: wall-hangings, posters, decorative pillows, etc. You can only stare at blank, plain white walls, for so long before you have to start decorating…right?


Personally, I love filling my room with items that I have made or have sentimental value to me…and what better way to do that then by combining the two?! Which is how the idea for this Bohemian Wall-Hanging was born.

Well, actually, the idea was probably born on pintrest, honestly…or at least the concept/inspiration was! I went on pinterest and searched up “Wall Hangings” when I realized my room needed a little colour and decoration. I stumbled across an idea that looked like it was probably bought from etsy, relatively easy to make, and very clean cut, beautiful, and classy.

Instead of buying one I hit up my local Dollar Store and picked up a few things.  After I went for a walk and collected a few sticks. Then, I called Bryce (my boyfriend) and asked if he wanted to craft with me. (By the way, this is not the first time we have done crafts together. Bryce is a pretty crafty guy, and we have done one or two projects together in past, which is when we have discovered crafting makes a really fun date night.)

This was the result:

Recently, this piece has become one of my favorite parts of my room and when I need a break from homework, or resumes, or when I need a smile this is what I look too. Not only does it (in my biased opinion) look pretty, it was incredibly fun and simple to make.

If you would like to recreate a similar piece here are the items you will need:

  1. A Base: You can buy dowels at the store, or you can go find sticks outside (which is what I did) to use as a support for hanging your drawings off of. Finding a stick will create a bit more of a bohemian vibe, whereas a straight dowel might (depending) make it a little more “clean” looking.
  2. Yarn: This is to create the loop on which the piece will hang on, and also will be the strands on which the cards/pictures will be attached too. I chose three different colours, (blue, maroon, and dark grey). You can only use one solid colour if you choose, or more. Wherever your creative juices take you! Ribbon can also be used as well, but my one recommendation is that you use multiple pieces of ribbon or yarn, because using simply one strand will not allow enough texture, and will not be able to maintain the weight of both the paper, and the stick.
  3. Pony Beads: These are optional, decorative beads. You can use them on the top hanging loop, or on the fringe of your hanging strings.
  4. Cue Cards/Cardstock: You need some form of thick paper that will not bend a lot and will be able to weigh on the strings in order to maintain direction. If the paper is to light, the strings will turn and flip, and not sit properly on the wall. I used thick cue card/recipe cards (with no lines) and cut them down to squares. (If you want, you can always have photos printed, and have them in lieu of the cue cards.)
  5. Tape: This is what you will use to anchor your cards to your yarn. I used standard off-brand scotch tape. DON’T use double-sided tape, by the way.
  6. Pens/Markers/Pencils: in whatever colour or brand you choose! This is to write your quotes, and draw the photos on the cards.

Honestly? This project is pretty easy, and props to you if you can ‘mess it up’. It’s super fun, and has some really pretty results. Go crazy with it, have some fun, use your imagination!

And, if you want to see how Bryce and I made this one, here’s a fun time lapse video!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

Youtube: click here


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