Green Light | Rough Edit Eyes

As a creative person I am constantly trying to push my creative boundaries. Last time I wrote a post about my personal music I expressed that releasing music into the universe makes me feel insecure, and very vulnerable. I enjoy doing it, but it scares me. Today, I am back, and here to give out more music. I decided to start a new project called “Rough Edit Eyes”, which is a reminiscent of a vlog meeting a “music video”. I have taken to recording parts of my days and splicing the videos together to create what I am hoping to be a fun, artsy, video. I decided to call it “Rough Edit Eyes” because I am a perfectionist, and I wanted to remind myself it is okay to have a “rough edit” to put in the world. It is okay for things to be different, and rough, and unique, because it will never be as ‘perfect’ or ‘perfectly rough and artsy’ as I would like it to be. These videos are not meant to be ‘perfect’ they’re meant to be fun.  Some days they might be covers, some day they might be original. Today it’s a cover. I hope you enjoy it.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

Youtube: click here


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