Diary Page Rant of an Extroverted Girl


A/N: Dear Readers: all my introverts, I would like to make this clear before you read on: This is not an attack on introverts. This is an article of frustration to the way extroverts are perceived. I know there are some very, very, very understanding introverts out there! – this is not an attack on you. This is a fun to frustrated rant about how extroverts are not always as universally understood as people think. Part of these are excerpts from my personal journal, and I promise you that I sometimes do feel this way. But this is definitely not an attack. I love all my introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts! Blessings, Smiles, Prayers, and Music!! ❤ Jenessa Joy


Honestly…sometimes being extroverted can be so extremely frustrating.

I hate feeling as if what I am doing needing other’s company is wrong. I hate feeling as if I am nothing but a bother because I need company. I understand that I am not a bother (most of the time), but I also understand that a good majority of people in my life are introverts. And they need space. Leaving me in a very difficult position

It is sometimes really frustrating needing to initiate things.  I hate feeling like I’m alone I hate that the world has made such a big deal of understanding introverts that extroverts are left behind and misunderstood.

Extroverts are constantly expected to understand introvert’s needs but extroverts are not extended the same courtesy.

Leaving me feeling annoyed and more than a little angry some days.

We (the extroverts) are supposed to just stand by and always understand that introverts need space? But introverts are never supposed to try and understand that extroverts need people? Isn’t that a double standard? Isn’t that unfair? Why does it always feel as if extroverts are in the wrong for trying to interact with introverts?

It doesn’t seem fair to me.

Also, while I’m in rant mode…let’s discuss the way the internet decides to showcase extroverts vs. how they showcase introverts.

Introverts: Smart. Intelligent. Geniuses. Wise. Book-reading, incredible, people who are clearly misunderstood and attacked by society for wanting to get alone time occasionally.

Extroverts: Needy, party-people. Shallow. Not smart. Never takes time to sit and reflect on life. Doesn’t ever like to be alone. Insanely annoying. Self-absorbed. Takes advantage.

Let’s set a few things straight internet: just because extroverts need people to recharge does not mean that we don’t ever like time alone. Just as introverts still (sometimes) like human interaction, extroverts still enjoy alone time. Many of us still enjoying binge watching TV, taking time to read a book, or enjoying being by ourselves. I know. Shocker. Wow. Who would have thought? Just because we recharge with others does not mean we constantly need people either. Weird right? Also, some extroverts aren’t big on parties.(Did I just blow your mind? Sorry.)  Oh, One more thing: being an extrovert does not mean we are not intelligent.

Okay. Cool. Glad we got a few things straightened out.

Extrovertedly Yours,

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