25 Things I Learned in 2016


  1. Dreams run out of steam sometimes…if you reach the end of the track, maybe it’s time for a new dream train.
  2. You are not falling short just because you accomplished something different then you thought you would.
  3. When God says “Just Trust Me”, you should listen.
  4. It is possible to have to many clothes and to many shoes.
  5. …also it’s hard to pack them if you have to many.
  6. When you stay up to late packing, and you promise yourself you’ll never pack last minute again? Actually fulfill that promise later. It helps. Trust me.
  7. Overthinking is unnecessary.
  8. Document your adventures.
  9. You don’t always have to believe someone when they tell you that you’re ‘not ready’.
  10. If you’re really not ready, recognize that and do not take it as an insult.
  11. Don’t use the fact that one person told you that you can’t do something prevent you from doing said thing.
  12. Comfort Zones are always growing. Once you think you’ve gone far enough out of it, you realize you’re in a different level of your comfort zone. Break the zone.
  13. always Take a break when you need one.
  14. Meltdowns happen to everybody. (Especially if you don’t remember to take breaks!)
  15. Putting up walls to block your emotions from the world is not healthy.
  16. Friendships happen because they are either: there for a REASON. Meant for only a SEASON. And some friendships happen because they are meant for a LIFETIME.
  17. If you are in a stage where certain friends are only “seasonal” you should not take offense, or be offended if you drift apart.
  18. Please remember: some people don’t understand sarcasm.
  19. Sometimes listening is the best way to help someone.
  20. Sometimes hugs are the best form of comfort.
  21. Always say thank-you.
  22. Remember to call your best friend.
  23. Cuddles are really nice.
  24. A good guy is worth waiting for.
  25. Keep praying.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!


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