On Rotation: October-November // Music Suggestions


I always have a list of music that I’m listening to “currently”, and it’s always rotation. Here’s some of my current “favorites.” If you want leave me a couple comments of some of songs that are on your music rotation list.

  1. Madilyn Bailey – Death of Me 

    Beautiful song, unique new up and coming Madilyn Bailey is on the scene. Her incredible and beautifully unusual voice is showcased well in this new song. Plus, to top it all off this song is something she wrote herself. Props to her for great lyrics.

  2. Sabrina Carpenter – On Purpose 

    Disney Star, from “Girl Meets World” Sabrina Carpenter is extremely talented. And though she may be most well known for her work on Disney Channel, I think this song shows great maturity and extreme talent and is worth the listen.

  3. Treat You Better – Kenzie Nimmo (Cover) 

    Always killing the cuteness and cover game is Kenzie Nimmo and her husband Harris Heller.

  4. Loveless – Said the Whale 

    Great indie-pop sound, awesome lyrics spelling out genuine lyrics of love.  Plus the music video is just plain adorable, okay?

  5.  “Multiplied” – NEEDTOBREATHE

    This has been one of my favorites for a long time. Beautiful worship song with a great blend. Also let’s reflect on the incredible lyrics, okay? “Your Love is like radiant diamonds, bursting inside us, we cannot contain…” 

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!

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