Eight Years! | Behind the Blog


I started blogging pretty young. I was twelve when my first experience with blogging began. It has been an up and down roller coaster of inconsistency and an adventure of investment. Today, after almost eight years of inconsistent blogging, and after having many of my viewers grow up with me (literally and figuratively) I thought that I would write an article of thanks and re-articulation. Before I begin I would like to thank-you for reading this and thank those who have been reading with me through this adventure. Here are eight facts behind this blog, and behind this adventure of writing and my development through blogging.

  1. As already stated: I was twelve when I started my first blog “Believing and Beyond.”
  2. My Mom proofread and double checked all my articles before I ever published them.
  3. A big part of my journey in blogging was based in telling the gospel and my story as a Christian.
  4. I started “Jenessa Joy’s Journal” as a base to be able to produce content to do with my personal creativity and to have a different focus then “Believing and Beyond” did.
  5. “Jenessa Joy’s Journal” became more of my focus when I realized that I loved producing content that was more broad and less structured to one thing.
  6. Jenessa Joy’s Journal was changed to “Creativity and Joy” when I wanted to start more of a marketing platform and felt like “Jenessa Joy’s Journal” felt to personal, and somewhat inaccurate to the content within the website itself.
  7. I wanted this blog to become a place for people to view creative things, learn, be inspired, and a place for me to show my passions and adventures. I wanted the re-naming to represent that. A big part of who I am was based in my desire to be full of joy, and be like my middle name “Joy”. I really wanted to combine my creativity and to have an uplifting place. This place became “Creativity and Joy”, which is my constant desire. To be a creative and joyful individual who is using this platform and her entire being to glorify her savior, and bring joy to others as well
  8. My hope for “Creativity and Joy” is that you can feel uplifted, refreshed, inspired, and enjoy yourself while you’re here.

Have a lovely day friends!

Yours Sincerely,


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