16 Things I’m Thankful For: Thanksgiving 2016



I am thankful for…

  1. A Home. images-7
  2. The Ability to Go to Post Secondary. college2
  3. The oppertunity to dig deep into theology. columbia
  4. My family. (Extended and otherwise.)10313404_821009457911234_3197382472069712143_n
  5. My friends – my other family!  (Not only the friends included in these photos.)us
  6. Travelling.14689820_1334331059912402_401434637_o
  7. Swing  Dancing.017
  8. Writing.IMG_3714
  9. Food. (Chocolate included of course! 😉 )Sugar Free Purdy's Chocolate Survival Kit
  10. Skype.
  11. Boots._MG_3126
  12. My Camera.747
  13. The oppertunities I have been given to serve.SERVE group picture.
  14. Music.music
  15. Coffee. _MG_3175
  16. Oppertunites to live life to the fullest.

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving??

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!


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