“How I Planned” | Calligraphy and Music Video

Let’s be honest here guys (like I ever lie to you guys anyways!), being vulnerable is freaking TERRIFYING.  I am sure all of you have gone through something, some emotion or experience that forced you to be vulnerable and open, right? I know I have.

And this, vulnerability, is what this post is about today.


Well, it’s actually this way for two very specific reasons.

The first is that as an artist putting my work out there for the world to see is terrifying. Whether this “art” is a story, poem, song, jewelry design, dance, photo…whatever it is, sharing it and showing it to everyone is scary. But it is worth it. Because whether I like it or not, the best person I can be, and some of the best things I do, and some of the best things I can do for Jesus stems from my passion for creativity.

Out of all my creative passions though, releasing music and showing it publicly is definitely the hardest for me to release into the world. I’m sure some of you have noticed me put out music and then only to see later it was taken down…mostly because I am embarrassed. Out of all my “artsy” creations anytime I perform music I get hyper-critical. I’m self-critical of most of the stuff that I work on and create, but for some reason I go into OVERDRIVE when it’s something musical. This time though I’m going to try to not do that with this piece…because I actually really LOVE the way this video turned out.

Also I’m going to try and ignore how I think my voice sounds “nasally” or how the guitar sounds “to loud” sometimes, and how “I don’t enunciate the words enough”. I’m going to accept this as it is. This music is a RAW SESSION. And no matter how much I re-record this song I will probably, most definitely, find something wrong with it.

Music is my baby.
And I’m letting it go here, to show it to the world. It’s time to release.

Now that we’ve gotten past the first reason: Reason #2: This song is about vulnerability.
The whole point of this song is that walls that you did and didn’t know you have/had come down with someone. This song is knowing you have limits, becoming aware of any sort of  emotional protection you have, and having them disappear. You didn’t plan it. You didn’t realize that the walls would come down. But someway, somehow, your emotions are out in the open, and someway, somehow, you are vulnerable – things aren’t going how you planned. You didn’t expect this to happen. But it has.

I’m leaving this up to you to decide whether or not this is a good thing. I am letting you interpret whether or not for you this is a romantic interest, or a platonic one. That’s for you to determine When you need a song like this I want you to relate to it whether it’s romantic or otherwise.

And I hope you like it.
Because, I think I really like it.
I hope I really like it.
So, I hope you do too.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!
Jenessa Joy♥

PS – I did do ALL the watercolour, print/calligraphy work. It’s a fun hobby for me. Just in case you’re wondering!

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