On Rotation: Music Suggestions


As most of you probably know, I’m a music fanatic. Currently I’m studying music and theology at Columbia Bible College. And I have to admit I’m probably more then slightly addicted to music and the emotional connection and outlet that it offers me. It’s surprising to me that I don’t offer up posts on music and what is currently on my ever changing playlist more often. Before Creativity and Joy was coming to it’s fruition I worked on a blog with my friend Nathanial, which featured us posting our favorite Praise and Worship Songs of that week, which probably has something to do with why I didn’t often post a lot of music posts previously…now, a few years later I plan on showing you some of my favorite songs that currently are on my rotation.

Ideally this will become a more regular occurrence…if, you know, you guys like this kind of thing.

To begin…“To Build a Home” – Cinematic Orchestra 

This song is a beautiful example of simplicity matched with lyrics and packed with meaning. This song has been one of my favorites since I saw a couple of lyrical/contemporary dance choreography to this song. I absolutely adore how this track doesn’t sound like a “typical” top 40 song, and highlights some of the best features of the band itself.

Next…”Hold My Breath” – Kenzie Nimmo 

Kenzie Nimmo is probably one of my favorite youtube artists because of the way she works in a raw form, usually acoustic style. Her songwriting always goes into depth, and often her songs catch me unexpectedly, and force me understand what she is feeling. This song in particular is a favorite of mine, especially since I can relate to the idea of connecting with someone so much and just waiting for there reply, holding your breath, after you put yourself out there. You know what that’s like…right?

“Fearless” – Taylor Swift 

This is a classic, okay? This song always comes back to me. I love the catchiness, I love the fact that it reminds me of the age 12+ and listening to this album and dreaming of moments like this, where I could be vulnerable and still feel fearless. And let’s admit, I’m a dancing girl – and who doesn’t adore the idea of dancing in the rain? (Tips guys: seriously, you will always be able to get me to dance. So. If you ever REALLY need an idea of what to do with me? Take me somewhere with a speaker, or blast your car radio, and we can run around, or just dance!) If you add a pretty dress into the equation? I’m down. Trust me, I love dancing and running around in the rain…plus this song? Fave. Forever.

“Booty Swing” – Parov Stellar 

…I don’t know if you sense a theme here, but another thing I am very passionate about is DANCE. So a lot of my favorite songs have a connection to dance somehow, whether it’s dancing around my bedroom, choreographing a new lyrical piece, or swing dancing. This is one of my favorite swing dance songs, and Electro Swing is a fun, upbeat genre which if you want to get into I’m telling you…you should! This is definetly a more popular Electro Swing piece, that is good to getting into this genre. Listen. It’s kinda amazing!

“Gene Takes A Drink” – Field Recordings/Michael Gordon 

This is a beautiful piece of music that makes me soooo happy. As a composer I admire this piece of music immensely, and it inspires me a lot. I love the guitar, which I think he successfully wove it in, and this song functions as a whole masterpiece unto itself. This is definitely a piece that I could listen to countless times without tiring of it. Whether you are someone who enjoys these instrumental pieces or not, I hope you can appreciate the beauty of this song.

“Dance With Me” – Clarensau

Dancing. Again. I think this is a great, cute song for a wonderful lyrical/contemporary duet. Plus, it’s just a really beautiful, cute song.

“Beautiful” – Ben Rector 

I promise you, I’m in love with this song. It’s so cheesy, and perfect, and beautiful.

“Killer Whales” – Smallpools

Smallpools is one of my favorite bands, and in my personal opinion they are way underrated. If you are a fan of alternative dance/indie pop genre of music Smallpools should definitely be on your radar!

“Dreaming” – Smallpools 

This is just in case you weren’t sold on Smallpools on the last song, you guys.

And in closing…
“Meant to Live” – Switchfoot

Let’s finish with some alternative rock, shall we? This is a classic song, which (again) brings me back to being a young teen and jamming out to this song. Switchfoot was a pretty large staple in my music playlist and this song has always been a favorite for me. (This and “Dare You to Move…but we’ll talk about that one officially another time, alright?) Honestly guys, Switchfoot is a band with christian roots, and a great alt rock sound, and I would advise you to look them up…especially there older stuff. Okay? Cool. Good!

In conclusion: I’m a music freak with a huge music collection, and an everchanging playlist in my head, and on my Spotify, computer, MP4 (yesss, I do own an MP4!), phone, and wherever else I carry my music…but my playlist may have new additions, but there will always be those songs that are on rotation, and will be put on repeat. These are just some of them.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about them.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

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