Simplicity | A Moment of Poetry

A/N:  I wrote this a few years ago, and then had the honor of performing it at the Pacific Northwest Music Festival in Terrace last year. (I received first place in self composition by the way! So exciting!) I realized this was a poem I hadn’t shared with you yet…so I thought I would now! Most people would likely think that these words are about my own tragic experience of coming into adulthood…in actuality it was probably more the inspiration from books and movies about growing up, and first kisses, and “devastating childhood”.  So, please, do not take any of these poems words personally, or expect them to be part of my personal story (because they definetly are not at all!). Without further ado, enjoy this poem “Simplicity” which is about the art of growing up. SIMPLICITY

Simple Memories,
Simple times,
happy smiles,
spoken rhymes,
life isn’t always like this,
but this simplicity I sometimes miss,
before life was super crazy,
and before I had to act like a lady,
before I had to worry about getting hurt,
before I discovered that guys were jerks,
yes, simplicity I do miss,
it disappeared by my first kiss,

Simple memories,
simple times,
happy smiles,
spoken rhymes,
now my life is super crazy,
I have to act like a lady,
It’s not hard to walk in heels yet,
but I always have to keep my words in check,

Frustration is mine,
as I no longer can
invest much in these rhymes,

I don’t have the time,
to sit and laugh at clever lines, oh,

Simple Memories,
Simple Times,
happy smiles,
spoken rhyme,
these are the things I will
always miss,
they disappeared all to quick

Written By:
Jenessa Joy Klukas


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