20 Things I Accomplished in 20 Years

In No Particular Order…20 things I’m proud of accomplishing.

  1. Graduated. View More: http://andrewlukianiuk.pass.us/hcos2014
  2. Did the Splits.12390915_1122065204472323_222491034608979241_n
  3. Wrote a Novella. (I have no good pictures of my novella manuscript. So I have this picture of some of my lovely writing tools. ) IMG_3714
  4. Learned how to drive a car. (No photo! Sorry!)
  5. Successfully managed to wear contact lenses!^99D91760F14EDA5ABB9DC19A5954B2B4A3A365AB7EA3016E69^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr
  6. Conquered my fear of haircuts – but successfully lobbing it off for Locks of Love. (5xs!)hairproject
  7. Danced a Contemporary Dance Solo.i11^cimgpsh_orig
  8. Choreographed a Contemporary/Lyrical Dance Solo. i12^cimgpsh_orig
  9. Placed first in a Dance Competition for Self-Choreography.19088_996742723671239_3965015461106010521_n
  10. Had a piece of Poetry published in a book! (The Book I was published in: “Cats Cradle” is not with me currently…enjoy this photo of this notebook instead!) 036(2)
  11. Moved out on my own. (Side Note – I DIDN’T live on dorms…but this was the reason why I moved out on my own…so…still accurate photo in my opinion!)  columbia
  12. Had my first job, working at a museum. 886841_10151563068484282_1186728821_o
  13. Got into two colleges.college2
  14. Wrote a Chamber Music Ensemble Piece…and….IMG_20150610_154311
  15. Had a piece of my music performed by professional musicians. (Picture above! Ben and I at the gala of our Composition Debuts!)
  16. Learned how to play guitar.920055_615535265125322_1766032067_o
  17. Learned how to swing dance.017
  18. Survived my first year of college. IMG_20160523_205420
  19. Managed to come out of high-school romantically unscathed. IMG_5635
  20. Learned how to accept and love my body. 281

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

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