Organized Chaos: Planning


I am very good at being orderly and unorderly all at the same time.
My room is never “dirty”, but always littered with clothes.
My purse has lots of pouches and pockets that are organized in such a way for me to remember where everything belongs.
My desktop on my computer is sorted into folders – which on occasion get mixed into each other…but normally I know where they get mixed.
I have batteries on the floor, but I keep them there because I’ll remember they exist in that specific place.

I call this “Organized Chaos”.
An oxymoron I’m sure you’ve heard before.
But in my mind it is the best way of describing me and my life.
It’s what works for me…most of the time.

Occasionally my system is disturbed.
I forget to wash the dishes.
My battery I move and forget it’s location.
The clothes I use get put in the hamper and I forget they exist.

But it’s how I work. It’s how I function.
And when these things happen I clean. Refind. Rediscover. Replan. Redo. And come into my form of “organization” again.

When I describe my lifestyle it might surprise you to find out that I am a huge planner. I love writing things down, I love planners, I love calendars, I love notebooks, and I love stationary.

I’ve loved planers since I got my first one in grade seven. Most of you probably didn’t use them, right? Well. I did. Just like everything it would occasionally get discarded, and forgotton, only to be discovered a few days, weeks, or perhaps a month later. Then it got used again.

Over the years my love of planners has not diminished.
I’ve dabbled with my phone, and phone calender’s, but I have found it is not the most effective way for me to plan. (To be honest, besides texting I’m not a huge fan of doing stuff on my phone! Maybe reading a book, or listening to music…but I’ll avoid using my phone for planning, emailing, etc.) Somehow, like most of my “organizational system” I’ve discovered what works unintentionally.

My Planning Systems is separated into three/four sections. They are as follows.

  4. (Honorarily: My Google Calendar/Phone)

Alright. I’m sure you’re confused. Let’s break these down.

  1. My PLANNER. collage2
    I have this really awesome planner book. I found it at the House of James in Abbotsford. It’s by Christian Art Publishers, and is this real awesome teal/turquoise colour. (You’ll notice that most of my planning stuff follows this theme. It is honestly UNINTENTIONAL! It just happened that way!.) The cool thing about this is it has inspirational quotes and memory verses throughout the planner which I LOVE. It also has some gorgeous pictures and such in it as well!
    My planner is charted out with a monthly view, and then it also has a weekly view. At the start of each month they have the month and a “Goals For This Month”, page, which I usually do write out my goals.”
    In my weekly view: I write in detail what I do for the day, the times, etc.  Under the “Notes for the Week” I’ll usually write my memory verse. Also I’ll write a “Prayer List”, and some  “Priorities.”
    I use the triplus fineliner pens to box my events. Sometimes I colour coordinate. Sometimes I do what I think will look pretty and cool. It really depends on my mood. Recently washi-tape has become a new favorite tool of mine in my planning as well. So. There we go.
    That’s my planner.
  2. My NOTEBOOK.collage7
    This is what I carry with me if I’m not carrying around my planner. It’s small, and I can throw it in any purse or backpack and it won’t add a lot of weight and it comes in handy when I’m just carrying around a small purse. It is a moleskin notebook look a like. It’s made by “Quo Vadis”, and my Mom bought it for me years ago. . I’ve just started utilizing it recently. It’s a plain notebook with normal notebook paper inside. In it I write the date at the top and what I’m doing with the times. I’ll usually have a “to do” list as well. Post-its get stuck in here a lot too. Also, I have a little “journal” space in the back, prayer list, as well, as my bucket list.
    This notebook has a folder at the back of it where I keep some encouragement notes that I’ve received, so when I’m down I can pull it out.
  3. My CALENDAR.IMG_5551
    This goes on my living room table. It’s pink, so I broke the colour trend on this one. Basically it’s my monthly view. I put the basic stuff I have going on during the day. I don’t go into a lot of detail. It’s an “at a glance” thing, so I can see what my month is going to look like.
  4. (Honorary: Phone.)
    Like I said, I don’t use my phone a whole lot. Just enough that I thought I should throw it in. I put it in my phone when I’m REALLY SCARED I’ll forget what I’m going to do. I’ll put stuff in so that I can get the email reminder of the event. Self-explanatory.

Organized Chaos? Yeah. I think so.
Really, this system probably won’t work for a lot of people. It can be confusing having so many sources of your information and your life, and I’m honestly not THAT strict with this.

I don’t need every moment of my life planned out for me.
I don’t need everything written down.

I just need a general idea so I don’t forget.

The fact that I get to used fun coloured pens, and washi tape, and post-it notes in this is really just a fringe benefit, and an excuse to have fun with my planning…which may be why I have so many planning resources – so I get to use more stationary.
Stupid I know.

I like to plan.
I like my organized chaos.
It’s fun.

Hope you enjoyed this look into my life.
Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

Youtube: click here


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