Broken Pieces | A Moment of Poetry


“Broken pieces on the ground,
you pick them up,
and let them fall,
you put me together,
and you know what tears me apart,
the obstacles in my path, and the pain in my heart,
you know and have known from the start,

You bless this broken road,
that showed me who you are,
you show me where I’ve started from,
where I was,
and where I am now,
you show me how,
I can become more like you,
You say:

“I will never leave you,
I will never forsake you,
I’ve seen the broken path
that you have walked,
I know your heart,
I’ve seen your jagged piece,
I’ve seen them from the start,
and I love you still…
I always have.
I always will.
Have peace,
Be Still.
For I am with you.” 

I know you are with me…”

Written by:
Jenessa Joy
February 9th, 2016



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