11 Items to Pack in Your Carry On

I love travelling, and there are often complications that come with it unfortunately! There are always a few things I have found useful when packing your carry-on luggage. I typically try and keep things as light as possible to give my back some love, and to make it easier to stow in the overhead bin or the seat below…without further ado here are my 11 things I like to keep in my Carry-on Bag!

  1. Wallettravelwallet
    This is an obvious one. I prefer to carry something lightweight, that won’t get lost in the bottom of my purse or backpack. Something with colour. The little travel-card protector cases can be handy but they can also be easily lost. Keep that in mind if you’re going to travel with that. There are some wallet/travel cases that are handy because they also house your passport. Some tips and tricks for you there!
  2. Deodorantdeodorant_us
    Trust me you’re going to feel sticky and gross and probably sweat a lot while you’re travelling. Having a stick of deodorant can come in handy. There are plenty of little travel sized ones if you aren’t a fan of packing a full one. Plus if you lose your luggage you won’t have to buy a replacement for it in your wait time.
  3. Gumgum
    Keeps your mouth fresh, and helps your ears not pop during the landing! I’m a fan!
  4. Water Bottlewaterbottle3
    An empty one. Chuck it in your bag and once you’re through security you can fill it up. Saves from buying bottled water (which can taste weird and cost a fortune!).
  5. Journaljournal
    This is a personal preference. I love journalling and logging things about my trip. I like keeping little keepsakes in, and if I have any printed photos. It’s a good memory jog for you later as well. You can get mini sized, or whatever strikes your fancy. As previously stated this is my personal preference.
  6. Headphonessony-headphonesI’m assuming you already have a phone or iPod/MP3 with (hopefully) scads of music, podcasts, and audible books, right? Trust me when there’s a crying baby on your plane, or in the airport you’re going to want these badboys in/on. (Or you can pack earbuds cuz they’re smaller too, and easier to sleep on if you’re napping in the plane.)
  7. A Camera.canon
    You’re going to want a picture of SOMETHING on your trip, right?! Plus you probably really don’t want your camera to break in your luggage that’s getting thrown around at the bottom of the plane.
  8. Medicationpillbox
    If you don’t use any medication skip this one…but if you take any sort of medication take it in your carry on. – just in case your luggage gets sent to the wrong place! We don’t need anyone dying because they don’t have there prescription meds.
  9. Lip Balmlipbalm
    No Chapped Lips. Easy.
  10. A Bookthelionthewitch
    The best form of entertainment!
  11. A spare pair of underwear and shirt/change of clothes.
    I usually only bring an extra shirt and underwear just in case the luggage gets lost…but bring an entire change of clothes if you want. Up to you.

I hope you enjoyed this!
Many Blessings!


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