For the Chivalrous Guys and Brothers| “Dear Friend…”

A/N: “Dear Friend…” my articles to friendship. No particular friend.. To general friendships. To general experiences. To things I’ve learned because of friendship. I have have been blessed to have many chivalrous, kind, loving brothers in Christ. I have some amazing guy friends and this is for them. This one is for all the Chivalrous Guys and Brothers…to say thank-you._dearfriendedit



Dear ( Guy) Friend(s), 

I want to start this by saying thank-you. 

Thank-you for understanding.
Thank-you for putting up with me when I’m PMS-ing.
Thank-you for listening to me while I vent.
Thank-you for giving me a hug when I need one…even if you might not like hugs.
Thank-you for walking me home, going out of your way to drive me, or waiting with me at the Bus Stop to ensure that I get home safe. Thank-you for opening the door for me, giving me your jacket, and offering me your seat and not expecting anything in return. Thank-you for being a gentlemen. 

Thank-you for being my friend and my brother. Being here for me. You never expected anything more then friendship, and when I get introduced to your future girlfriend as “your sister” or “like your sister” I won’t/will not be offended. In fact, I’ll be flattered and it will make me really happy! And I can honestly tell this girl that  you are amazing, and she’s very blessed to have you – not because I want you or love you romantically, but because I am your sister, and I know you. I know you are a gentleman, I know you are a sweet, kind, caring, loving guy – whatever girl ends up with you will be very blessed.
You have proven to me that chivalry does still exist! It brings me joy that chivalry is still out there, and it brings me joy knowing that your future girlfriend/fiance/wife will love, enjoy, and adore your chivalry – even more then I do. 

Also, I want to thank-you for reminding me that a good Godly man is worth waiting for. Reminding me not to settle. I also appreciate that you’ll beat up any guy that does me wrong, and sit down and threaten any boyfriend that comes into my life. 

I appreciate it. 

I value you.
I respect and love you more then you know bro! (Yes, I just “friendzoned” you…but you friendzone me all the time. I thought I would return the favor!) 

Thank-you for being my brother, friend, and bodyguard. 

I appreciate it, and love you more then you know. 

Your Friend,
Jenessa Joy 

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  1. Joy, I just wanted to say that you’re timing with this post was stellar 🙂 One of my close friends goes to public school, and she shared with me some of her school horror stories yesterday. Hearing how some teenagers act, it made me really, really thankful for the “normal” friends God has given me. (I say normal, when in fact, I think that’s anything but in today’s culture.)

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    • Hey Mels! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It is truly wonderful to have some incredible blessed people in your life. I’m glad that God has blessed and guided you richly in your relationships, and hope you have long covenental friendships.
      Many Blessings!
      Jenessa Joy
      PS – You’re right, there’s no such thing as “normal”…and that’s a good thing!


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