Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: For Your College Kid/College Friends


It’s only four days until Christmas everyone!! Are you stumped on what to get people? Any of them your children or friends in college/university?

Well. A  friend and I sat down and wrote a list of various gifts to get College Students. They vary in price, size, and practicality. But I guarantee you many college students will value them…I know I would!

  1. Flash Drive

    I know you might think this is so boring but flash drives are super handy and practical. This is something all students should hopefully value. It’s a way to try not to lose those papers we value and desperately need to get in on time.
  2. Ear Buds/Headphonesheadphones
    I like to have a couple pairs of headphones on hand. One for in my bag, and one for in my room. I have a pair of nice quality headphones, and then a few cheap ear buds kicking around. These are easy to lose, and sooo many people lose them I can guarantee someone will steal (whoops! I mean “borrow”) your friend/child’s headphones along the way. So give them ear buds. You can never go wrong.
  3. School Supplies/Stationaryschoolsupplies
    I know you probably think this is probably the most boring gift ever, but we have to get new notebooks, paper, pens, highlighters, post its (etc.) fairly frequently. Every semester!  We appreciate not having to pay for them.
  4. Sheets/Blanketssheetsandblankets2
    Okay, I know, I can sense your skepticism.  But spilling stuff on sheets is easy.  And some sort of soft throw blanket will always be appreciated…especially during late study nights when we’re getting super cold.
  5. A Water Bottle waterbottle3
    The Nalgene’s are always popular, or one of those with the handy push button thingy. This helps keep us from getting dehydrated, plus we don’t have to use paper cups, or buy the bottled water from the vending machines all the time!
  6. Espresso Machine/Coffee Machine

    A more expensive option. Trust me, in college coffee is appreciated. If you get a Keurig and they aren’t coffee fans they can make Hot Chocolate or Tea….speaking of which…
  7. Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate

    Get us coffee grounds, Keurig pods, Hot Chocolate, or Tea Bags. Trust me – it saves us from buying it…and we’ll use it! Or at least someone in our dorm will.
  8. Kraft Dinner/Mr.NoodlesKD1
    Good dorm Food Dinners!
  9. Snack-Y Food.
    The chips we really like that are to expensive for us to indulge often? Or the chocolate we might be secretly addicted to? What about that pop or juice? Yeah. There we go. Another food idea!
  10. Homemade Foodhomemadefood
    Saves us from cafeteria food & processed dorm food. Please. We’ll love you.
  11. Tablet/Small Laptoptablet
    If you really  want to go crazy with your purchases get some sort of tablet or small portable laptop.  A Mini iPad, or one of those Netbooks that’s easy to carry around and fit into our school bags/backpacks!
  12. Portable Speakerspeaker
    When we’re cramming with our friends, or just jamming out in our dorms – a portable speaker can come in handy! And we won’t kill our Phone Speakers.
  13. Spotify Subscription or Some Sort of Subscription Box
    Let them jam out to there favorite music without paying.
  14. Care Package(s)carepackage
    Put together a little gift package of different things. Socks, candy, homemade food, pens, deodorant, etc. Little dollar store items can make them smile, and feel loved.
  15. Gift Cards giftcards
    I know this is the most practical and boring thing in the world – but most college students don’t have a lot of cash. Gift Cards give us a chance to go shopping, or go indulge in Starbucks, or get more groceries.
  16. Moneymoney
    Again, BORING…but whatever money you give them can go towards text books, school supplies, food, rent, or that new book/DVD, (etc.) that they want but don’t have money to get.

Other Idea’s That Aren’t Highlighted in this List:
If none of these appeal to you some other brief idea’s can include getting them a book, home decor, a new backpack, music, a book, something for there favorite hobbies, pool/gym pass, or something to that effect.
Hopefully this helped you!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!

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