New Beginnings…


I started this blog, roughly around five years ago.
It was my little side project.
But to tell you about where I started with “Jenessa Joy’s Journal”  we really have to start with “Believing and Beyond”.

Believing and Beyond was my first blog. It was for children, teens, and really, honestly, anyone who would read and listen to what I was trying to say. Believing and Beyond was my first plunge into publishing my works publicly, and it all began with a calling: to help and encourage young people in the gospel. Believing and Beyond started on one concept, that became my tagline: “Being a Christian isn’t all about believing in God, the devil believes in God…being a Christian is going beyond belief and into a relationship with the Lord.” I’ve improved, elaborated, edited, changed, rewrote, and redeveloped the concept, but in a nutshell…that was it. My hope was to help others develop there relationship with there Saviour, and hopefully, maybe, plant the seed of the gospel in some unbelievers hearts.

This was the start.

Believing and Beyond was a wonderful chapter in my existence.

It was, and still is, a big part of who I am.

I still have a driving passion to spread the message of Jesus Christ everywhere. World Wide. On the World Wide Web? Why not?

When I started Believing and Beyond I was twelve years old, and it continued on a sporadic basis until I was probably, seventeen. Only just recently did I put my cherished work “Believing and Beyond” on private viewing. (Only available to me!…only because I felt bad having it up publicly when I hadn’t posted for so long, with no promises of posts to come.) I have put it back up for the public again though…because I have come to realize that B&B is very much a part of my story, and if some of the ramblings of my teen years can help you, then I want you to be able to see them. So, if you feel so inclined: go read Believing and Beyond. I may even occasionally post on there! (No promises!) As I have said, I still feel called to ministry, so, I do not think that my work there is over. Believing and Beyond has had it’s place. I’m not sure if that chapter is entirely finished. It may have a few or more pages left.

In 2010, (I must’ve been somewhere around fourteen,)I decided to start another blog. I wanted to still blog about God, and Ministry, and the Gospel, but I didn’t want to feel limited to ONLY that. I wanted to be able to write about Jewelry, and random poetry that I wrote, books, music, my thoughts etc…don’t get me wrong, writing about Christianity is AMAZING. I just wanted to be able to honour God with ALL my gifts, talents, and thoughts. If I was to write about crafts, I wanted it to be God honouring, if it was about my day, I wanted it to honour my saviour, if I was sharing my favorite songs? Hopefully I’ll show God’s love.

I felt that “Believing and Beyond” could not support this content due to the brand I had created for the site. I loved B&B so much! – I still do. Like I said, I may occasionally still post there – and I want to work in ministry for a living, but I wanted to start something else. Something a little different then the work I’d done through B&B.

So, “Jenessa Joy’s Journal” was born.

Jenessa Joy’s Journal was my little place to write whatever! (Within reason of course!) I started from scratch creating fun content. (I hoped/thought it was fun, anyways!) I have no doubt that some of my works on both of my websites is incredibly embarrassing. And I admit, I have deleted a few things, but many of my original content is still there for you to look back on if you’re so inclined. (Don’t laugh to hard!)

Through the years, as I got busier, both of my blogs began lacking in content.
Particularily Believing and Beyond. I began working in Christian Ministry a lot more, rather then just writing about it. This was a marvelous experience, and I learned so many things. I would often pen some of it on “Jenessa Joy’s Journal”, or make passing comments, or maybe say some of the things I learned on some blogs. But blogging was not my only concern. I was busy, and I was often working in ministry – on the web and (more frequently) off the internet as well!

When I could, or remembered I would write/publish/create articles. My content on “Jenessa Joy’s Journal” was anything from journal-esque entries, random musings, favorite songs, my latest crafts, etc. etc…the list goes on! “JJJ” was my little haven for my thoughts, feelings, creativity, and in my mind – so much more!
I tried to keep to a schedule an article every week.
I was absolutely TERRIBLE at that.

Now, five years later, I’m writing this.

This year is a year of new beginnings.
I have come so far since I started on my journey into ministry, and my general life journey. You can learn a bit about both within the scripted web pages of both blogs.

5 years later… I graduated high-school (class of 2014), and I’m now going to college for Worship Arts.
I just moved last week from the only town I have ever lived, from everything I have ever known. This beautiful town, holds so much of my love, and has captured my heart so easily.
I have learned so much, from this little hamlet…but it is time to move on.

So. In short (for those who are new to my writing, and new to  “Jenessa Joy’s Journal “,  “Creativity and Joy”..) :

My name is Jenessa Joy.
I am currently 19 years old. Studying Worship Arts in Southern BC, Canada. I am a passionate Christian. I am a content creator, and a bit creative crazy (in almost every single sense of those words.). I do everything I can to drive my creative passions, and I try to honour God in every single thing that I do. I want to live my life for Jesus, I want to live my life using my gifts and talents for his glory, and I plan to do this every single day for the rest of my life. This is a new start to an exciting adventure, I think. I hope. I know God has a plan, come along for the ride!

Welcome to Creativity and Joy: My Artistic Haven.
You’re welcome to rest here awhile…stay as long as you want.

Here’s to new beginnings. ❤

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