Happy Birthday Ellen!!!

I usually don’t do posts like these because:
A): Usually I can write corny/cheesy/embarrassing posts on there social media pages instead!collagefantasyellen
B): Because I don’t want other friends to expect me to do this for them, and feel bad when I don’t!
Those are my two reasons why I don’t do posts such as these often.

But I’m making an exception for Ellen…because: She is like my little sister that I never had, and she reads my blog, and I thought that it might be special for her (or at least I hope it will be…and not come out to cheesy!) to have a blog post dedicated just for her from someone who loves her so much.

Those are good enough reasons for me!

Without further ado:

Fantasy Photoshoot. <3
Fantasy Photoshoot. ❤

Dear Ellen,  Thank-you for being the little sister that I have never had. I have never had anyone share my passion for dance, and have the same shoe size as me! I’ve never had someone to exchange clothes (sorta!) and shoes (you’ve borrowed a couple) from me. Until you. I’m blessed to say I have a lot of “non-sister-sister’s” but I am even more blessed to say YOU Eleanor Grace Anker (Your middle name is Grace right? Or is it Faith? I never can remember! Yes, I am being a bad big sister here.) are one of them!  You share so much with me, and you are always there to put up with IMG_3574my craziness. You’re always patient with me…which I know can be difficult! You are one of my closest friends, and I love you so unbelievably much. There is no way I could love you more then I already do.  You are such a blessing, you are kind, you are strong, you are beautiful (inside and out! But especially inside!), you are talented, and you are an incredible dancer, friend, and sister! Love you Glitches!

One of my favorite pictures ever! Ellen and her brother Ben!

Thanks for always being an ANKER of a friend! 

I hope you have an incredible, blessed, birthday. You deserve it.  love you to the moon and back. ❤

Love From,

collagehappyYour Sister: in Christ,
Your Sister: Honorarily
Your Sister: in Adoption (Sort-of-not-really!)
Your Sister (and friend): ALWAYS


PS – Sorry, that was pretty darn sappy. It’s just cuz I love you. 😉


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