Artistry – My Journey in the Not General and Unspecific – A Letter From Me to You

“A/N: Hello Everyone! It’s me! This is my journey to deciding it’s okay to be passionate about multiple things, and not making FULL COMMITMENTS to just one of my passions. I hope you can follow my crazy thought process…please do not take anything in here as bragging, it is just what I was feeling, and stating the skills I believe I possess. Also, this is NOT an article saying that you HAVE to be good/passionate about multiple endeavors. This is a letter of encouragement to those who are unspecific in there fields of interests. If you are specific, and specialize in something, that’s great, but some people are not specific, and this is an encouragement for them. I am NOT bashing you, I am NOT trying to degrade anyone.  Please know that. This is just my encouragement to those who are like me, and fit into multiple different categories, and passions. This is a letter of encouragement and love. Just for you.  Love you all.  Yours Truly, JJ.”


Growing up in this day and age I feel like there is so much pressure to be one thing. To choose. To pick from your many choices and commit to that one thing. Though I understand that you have to commit time in developing skills, and it is time consuming, stressful, and difficult to try and focus on more then one thing, I also understand the genuine struggle of someone who doesn’t know where in the world they’re supposed to go too next.

I am a very creative person.
I write.
I do music.
I design jewelry.
I do make-up.
I design clothes.
I am a (amateur) photographer.

I also love athletics.
I swim.
I dance.
I love yoga.

I also love people. A lot.
Not unlike most people,  I want to change the world, and help others.

For a long time I was so frustrated and confused about what I should “choose”. I hated the idea of having to give up one of my passions for another. I couldn’t do it. Creatively when I had an idea I couldn’t not do it. If I had a video idea I’d make it happen. The same thing went with writing a book, or creating a jewelry collection, or “designing” a photo shoot. It could be choreographing a dance. It could be teaching people to swim. I had to invest my time and energy into completing the desired product, and doing my best to love the outcome.

I’m still like that.

It took me awhile to figure it out, but I realized that I am not one thing. And I never will be.

I was 16 when someone told me I was a wonderful artist.
I was stunned.
I didn’t think of myself as an artist.

All I did was do random stuff. I wasn’t particular amazing at anything, in my opinion. Well, not anything obviously specific…

Most of my friends could focus on one thing. There talents and gifts were shining, and noticeable.
I, on the other hand, I have always known who I am. I am a creative, God-fearing, passionate, vulnerable, emotional person. I knew what I was capable of, what I loved, and I knew what my strength and weaknesses were. But I could never fit into one category, or one box of normality.

I wasn’t just a dancer.
I wasn’t only a writer.
I wasn’t singularly a musician.

No. I wasn’t only one thing.
And it drove me crazy.

I loved, and love who I am. But it has always frustrated me that my skills are always so scattered…and in my opinion, un-useful. Why couldn’t I be a good at math? Why couldn’t I be good at science? Why couldn’t I be good at something USEFUL.

My skills? Could I utilize them? Maybe.

But I’d never be just one thing. I couldn’t only commit my time to something without doing my other creative pursuits on the side, or have them meld into my work somehow. I knew that…but all of this? It seemed so complicated.

When I told my Aunt that someone called me an artist, I told her I didn’t think I was one. Her reply was simple, and shook my world, and changed my perspective slowly. “An artist never thinks they are one.”

Eventually I came upon the definition of the word: “artist”.

An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating an art.

I wasn’t just one thing. I never would be. I never ever ever ever EVER will be. I know who I am, and what I’m good at, and I know now that I don’t have to be one thing. I don’t have to be normally specific. I might do one thing as a day job, but I will ALWAYS be an artist and investing my time in creative pursuits. Most of the time I don’t see myself as that “artist”, I’m not a shining beacon of light, creativity, or talent, that I believe artists to be.

Am I an artist?

Well…I guess to the world, and by definition I am one.

My passions will never ever be about JUST one thing.
I realized that God put me on this earth to be inspired.
To glorify him, and enjoy him forever.
To be creative.
To be me.

I can’t stop being passionate about the creative arts.
Unhindered and unleashed from boundaries of a label.
Not normal.
That’s me.
I would never change it.

And if you’re like me, if you’re an artist, or someone whose passionate about creativity, or loves more then more then one thing? Don’t let the world stop you.

I’m not about to change…and neither should you.




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