Back to Design and Aprons…

I admittedly didn’t really want my travel adventures to end, but it felt really nice to be back home and getting back into a creative rhythm! It felt so good to be back in my little house, snuggled in a pair of sweats, hair thrown up, in my apron and digging down and spending some time designing. I have a new favorite way to spend time in focused-craft mode, and it is very different then what I usually invest my time in creating.  I pulled out my paint brushes (not used enough sadly… but that’s about to change!), and bought some canvas’ to make some Christmas presents for people. By the time this post goes up these “paintings” will be long wrapped, labeled, and then after all that will be unwrapped by the recipients — hopefully they liked them! And without further ado…here’s a glimpse into my “design” process!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music,
Yours Truly
and Sincerly,


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