Travel Adventures of December 2014

Hello Everyone!

I would like to warn you that the next few upcoming posts will be A LOT of photo posts! It’ll be fun…hopefully not to boring! Today is my day to share my photos from my trip to Vancouver, Abbotsford, and Victoria! I went down for some must needed family and friend time! It was so fun! I was super sad to come home! I was hoping to share these with you before Christmas but the day after I came home I was hit with work from Wednesday to Tuesday! (With a brief break Sunday…but even that was busy!) And here I am! It is now Friday, December 27th (MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS! by the way!) and I am now posting all my crazy photos…maybe it’s a good thing. I wouldn’t be ruining your Christmas! Very exciting, my birthfather, Matt, and his lovely fiance got me a CAMERA LENS for Christmas! They gave me it at the beginning of my stay in Victoria, and I got to use it…it’s a 50mm Canon Lens! But be warned: the quality of the photos are everywhere! I have some photos from my nice camera, and some from my phone! Gives you something to look forward too. Also, I have more! Let me know if you need anymore!

I hope your Christmas was full of love, smiles, laughter, joy, and full of moments of remembering what Christmas is truly about!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers and Music!!


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