Highlights & Happy Moments — My Week

collage_blog_myweekThis week was crazy…and crazy weeks seem to be becoming a “trend” in my life. To be completely honest this week was a little bit stressful! But there were many little highlights in this week that I tried to focus on and remember. Enjoy the little things, especially when you’re stressed. Pray, trust, remember. I may get a little stressed sometimes, but I am very very VERY blessed!  So instead of telling all about the stressful parts of the week I’m going to tell you some of the highlights and happy moments of this week…starting…with…



In case you didn’t know, I make jewelry! I participate in local craft fairs, and such…this being the most recent installment! I missed the local Christmas Craft Fair at the beginning of November which was a little disappointing. But that gave me time to focus on getting things really nice and designed to as ideal as I possibly could make it for this museum opening! Our local museum (where I am currently working!) has a “Christmas Gift Store” that is in the upstairs Gallery. I participated in it last year with Mrs.A, my lovely family friend! Mrs.A. has been a “business partner” of sorts, and we have shared a couple tables together in a few different events.

Pictured is our table! On the right side (with the mason jars) of the table is my side of the craft table. It has all my bracelets, necklaces, and earrings (some also grace the walls.). You can also see Mrs.A’s stuff on the left side! The adorable knitted headband crowns, toques, and bibs (made out of recycled denim! Go Green!!). Mrs.A is extremely talented and I am so happy to have this lovely lady as a mentor, friend, second mother, and sortof-buisness-partner.

I am so excited about this table and opportunity! You don’t even know.

This week I dressed up. Twice.

Crazy eh? This T-Shirts and Jeans Girl got dressed to the nines! I have two different looks for you to check out! I didn’t have an overall outfit picture of my first look, but I have 3 pictures as compensation. (Ugh, I feel like I seem so self-centred showing pictures of myself like this!! I’m sorry if I come across like it! I’m not self-centred, I hope!)

The first was look (pinned hair, and lace top) was for the Museums Christmas Gift Store Opening! The second look (dress and wedges) was for our Christmas Youth Group Formal! IMG_3028(2)

The Formal was great! I was the designated hair and make-up team for my friends. I love being creative and also being a photographer I sometimes have a very certain idea in my mind. Being on a small budget, and also being particular, sometimes it’s easier to make that vision happen by doing things yourself. Plus years of theater, and dance…I guess some hair and make-up skills rubbed off on me. (This isn’t meant as bragging!)

I ended up with four girls at my house getting ready. It was great!! It was a little bit hectic, and Libby (one of my friends) forgot my dress (that she borrowed), and Erin had forgotten Ben (a friend who was coming to the formal as well) tie that she was to lend him.

It all turned out great though, and I think the girls looked gorgeous! But I would like to say to all my ladies reading this: none of you NEED make-up. It’s fun for formals, etc. but I don’t want you to feel pressure to wear it everyday. If you are one of those girls who DOES wear make-up everyday, that’s fine, I just don’t want you to think you NEED make-up.

Anyways, now that rant is done with, back to the formal! I did a waterfall braid with curls on Libby and Nicole. (It was perfectly acceptable though because there hair textures are drastically different so both sported the styles different! Plus Libby had a small side braid going into her waterfall.) Ellen had a beautiful crazy-braided ballerina bun (It was an intricate french-braided bun.) And Erin, had a braided bun with waterfall curl strands coming out of it.

Yeah, I know, you guys can’t picture it at all can you? Well, I have some group shots…you can’t see the backs of there heads. Who cares?? I just want you to see the gorgeous friends I have!!! (Also, something else worth noting is that Erin and Libby dresses are very similar and matchy! And Ellen and Nicole’s outfits are seemingly very inspired off each other as well!)

After we were done with dinner (which was great by the way! I had fish and chips!) and picture taking everyone was leaving. Libby, Erin, and I all wanted dessert though and ended up going to Dairy Queen. We walked. In heels. On ice.

It was dangerous.

We shuffled, we waddled, we may have looked a little drunk (we weren’t!), we were definitely a site to see! We talked and ate ice-cream for about an hour, or maybe even an hour and a half. It was great!

The next fun thing that happened this week!!! St.Nick’s Day!!! If you don’t know what St.Nick’s Day is it is where children (or teenagers) put there boots out (on Dec. 4) and if they were good during the year the boots are filled with goodies the next day! If you were bad they are filled with coal. (I’ve never gotten coal…just so you know!)

St. Nick was nice to me. He brought me some nail-polish, make-up bag (lip gloss, and eyeliner included!), chocolate, a necklace (from Oman!), some adorable lace wristlets, and some chocolate and suckers! (I didn’t take any pictures, of anything because I have plans for other blog posts featuring some of this stuff!)

It does sound a lot, and I am extremely grateful! It is a long standing tradition in our house that we do this. My entire life we’ve done this, but we don’t do Christmas Stockings, so it’s a fair trade in my honest opinion!

Also today was special because we had cake and pizza! We ordered a cake, salted carmel buttercream! It was delicious! We also had pizza for dinner! Might not sound like a big deal but my Mom has been on a diet where she doesn’t eat wheat and most sugar. (I don’t know this for sure, so don’t take my word for it but I think it’s the “paleo diet” or something similar anyways!) In our house if Mom’s on a diet: we are ALL on a diet! My Mom is an amazing cook and she has always made good food, and we have always been fairly healthy eaters, but Mom made a decision to cut things out, try something different. It’s worked out pretty well so far! (To be honest for me personally: I’m not completely excluded wheat, or sugars…but it’s been cut back a lot.)

Unfortunately though pizza and cake are not really included in our new way of eating. Mom said though that she would make an exception and break the rules and order pizza and get cake for St.Nick’s Day!


Also, look what was set up today!!!! Ah! IMG_3037

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!!!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!!!



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