8 DIY Essentials in my Craft Bin


I am a big DIY-er, and a huge fan of crafts of all assortments and I have discovered that there are certain products and tools that are useful in many different areas of craftiness, so I thought I would write an article discussing some of my favorite craft essentials.

Please keep in mind that NONE of these are set in stone, and these are definitely not ALL of them, but I didn’t want to go crazy and intimidate you. I am not saying “buy all of these!” but these are instead some products and tools that I have found EXTREMELY useful in MANY different types of crafts…and yes, I am going to show things that are some of the most OBVIOUS crafting tool ever. (e.g. me saying get a good pair of scissors.) You can get annoyed, but they still need to be said!

So, without further ado, here are my 8 craft essentials!

  1. A Chalk Pencil. download
    No matter what you say, getting a chalk pencil will help you a lot especially if you are a seamstress. I prefer chalk because it comes out easier then pencil, and marker. It sometimes gets a bit messy, but personally I find it one of the easiest tools to use for a variety of projects.
  2. Needles. download (1)
    Whether it’s sewing on a button that came loose, if you’re cross-stitching, if you’re looming, no matter what it is…you’re going to need needles SOMEWHERE at SOMETIME in crafting. It’s a guarantee. I recommend getting some of those Variety Packs for cheap. You can find them anywhere, Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, they’re great, and they’re useful. I loose needles a lot, and the more the better. Plus, you never know what size you will need, completely depends on the project! Am I right? Or am I right?
  3. Thread in Different Colours. download (2)
    Again, this is something you will ALWAYS need, even if it’s just kicking around the house for when you need to sew that hole in your skirt. Now, you always will need different colours for different projects, but I’m not telling you to go out and buy every colour of the rainbow (cuz then we have to get into a discussion about shades, blah, blah, blah…we don’t have time for that!), to save you some time, and your wallet some change I recommend for your “just in case” moments to go get shades rather then colour. Something black, white, brown, or grey, (or all of three!) is always smart.
  4. A Good Pair of Scissors. images
    Yes, I know this is SO OBVIOUS…but you know, sometimes those kitchen scissors just DOESN’T CUT IT. *Insert groan for my terrible pun*  Go and invest in some nice scissors that will cut your fabric well, and provide for the rest of your needs. I tend to not just get fabric-cutting exclusive scissors because I’ll use mine for wire, and for a number of different things that I probably shouldn’t be cutting, but investing in a good pair of craft scissors that will cut your fabric, and whatever else you need, well, it’s an essential. We all need ’em.
  5. Pliers. download (3)
    This is more for my jewelry makers, but pliers are always a good thing to have around the house, and in your craft kit. Whether it’s for crimps, cutting the wire that is to thick, or holding something stable, pliers will get that job done!
  6. A Vendors Apron. IMG_2986
    This might seem very random, but for me my Vendors Apron is super useful! I use it to keep me from losing my needle packs, my scissors, my bead capsules, etc. (It’s great when cooking too, and if you’re in craft fairs it’s amazing for that too! You’ll be all set!) Basically it’s a tool belt for the DIY-er. I have this super cute one that a family friend made for me! I love it, and I’m really tempted to go buy more, I wear mine a lot. A LOT, A LOT. Almost everyday!
  7. A Glue Gun. images (1)
    When you don’t wanna sew, it’s glue gun to the rescue. Do I need to elaborate?
  8. Fishing Line.  images (3)
    Again, this might be just for my jewelry designers, but I find Fishing Line to be a must have in your craft bin. It’s a strong line, or rope that can help you in so many different forms of crafting. And if you have children who are getting to the age of wanting to sit down and SERIOUSLY craft (8-10 is always a good starting point) sitting them down with some pretty beads (okay, this right just be a girl thing…) and some fishing line is a great way to occupy there afternoon.

And there you go, guys!
8 Craft Essentials in my Craft Bin!
Let me know if any of you are interested in a “8 DIY Essentials in my Craft Bin Part 2”!

Have a lovely Saturday my peoplez’s!
Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!!



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