Maroon, Turquoise, and Leather – A Fall Adventure Outfit

I love being creative, and that doesn’t stop at clothes. I don’t want anyone to think I’m super girlie, but I do enjoy clothes, and having fun with them. Last time I did an “Outfit of the Day” inspired post it was a HUGE HIT, so I thought I would do another one for you! This time  I’m going to show you a  fun “adventure” outfit. I tend to have a very crazy, edgy, out of the box, twist-y sense of style, and I am very into having things, and doing things that are: “one of a kind”, that “not many people do/have”, or clothes with really cool details. You might be able to see that reflected in some of the clothing/jewelry choices pictured here.  I like making outfits a little more unique, fun, different, yet still wearable. I love this outfit, and to be honest, it seems a bit dress-y to me, but I think it is wearable on an average day,  you could definitely change things to be even more casual and wear the rest of this outfit with a pair of jeans (I did, shortly after these photos were taken!).  I hope you like this “OOTD”, and to find out more information on any of the pieces pictured you can hover or click on the pictures.  (Oh! P.S. – I apologize for any dog hair on the clothes, I can’t help it!)

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!!




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