Adoption Is Beautiful – My Adoption Story

A/N – You get TWO posts in two days! Lucky! Lucky!! I am telling you about my adoption today! NOW, I would like to say that I may have gotten some of the details confused… I might come back and change them later, and in case there are some: sorry in advance! I hope you enjoy this. — JJ 



November is adoption month. So, I thought it was only suiting to tell you my adoption story.

I was born on May 28th, 1996 to two teenagers by the names of Matthew, and Jessica, in Victoria B.C. Canada. The adoption story actually began several months before my birthdate though. After the news of a baby on the way Matt and Jessica soon were faced with a hard decision. Keep the baby, or give it away? As far as I know abortion was never a possibility, or at least I hope not. (Anyone who knows me knows I am a PRO-LIFE person…and this is the reason why. One different decision and I wouldn’t be writing this.) The plan was for Jessica’s adoptive parents, Jerry and Arlene, to adopt me…but something did not feel right. In the end Jessica and Matt ended up at a private adoption agency sorting through 30 different couples to take their precious cargo (me). After much thought, they decided on Rose and Gary Klukas.

Rose and Gary Klukas were a couple from a small town in northern BC. They had two dogs, wanted to homeschool, and weren’t able to have children. They had waited a long time, and somehow I was given into their loving arms, 10 days after my birth. I am honoured to call them “Mom” and “Dad”.

A lot of people think that adoption is terrible for the child, or for the parent, or both. They have heard to many horror stories.

There are many bad stories about adoption.

But there are many good ones.

And this, this ladies and gentlemen is definitely one of the good ones.

I grew up in a loving home, filled with books, music, smiles, laughter, dogs on the couch,  two cherry trees in the backyard, and hockey on the TV. It was definitely where I belonged. I have an amazing life, and incredible parents who raised me, and love me. When I was four we adopted my first “little” brother Ryan, who was a month younger than me. (I being born on May 28th, him being born on June 28th.) When we were five we welcomed another little brother – Christopher! He is a year and a half younger then Ryan and I, and was four when he was adopted into our family.

I grew up with a well-rounded life, and was blessed with a large extended family, and many close, good friends. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. I truly have so many people to thank.

You can think what you like about adoption, but know this: every adoption is unique, different, and will NEVER be like anything you imagine it to be. But it is worth it.

I doubt that my life would have been as good had I not been adopted into this family. I can’t say that for sure, but I know it would have been nothing like this, and I know I would have been MUCH different.

Jessica and Matthew’s story together didn’t last long after my conception. They eventually broke up, and Matthew ended up travelling and working in the coast guard for many years. Eventually he left his work there behind and became a bus driver for the city of Victoria. He eventually fell in love, and got engaged to a lovely lady, her name is Tiffaney.  I met both of them in June of this year, but that is a story for another time…

Jessica’s story is not quite as sweet. It is a little sad, and with a tragic ending. In August of 2013 Jessica died of a drug overdose. She sounded like a beautiful human being, and it is a shame that the world had to lose her so soon, and in such a way.
I wish that I could say I knew her, but sadly I didn’t. I had the honour of attending her funeral, and found she was well loved. I learned much about her, and her family.

That is my story thus far.

Adoption is a beautiful process.

Adoption is an incredible portrait of beauty, selflessness, and grace.

By the grace of God I was adopted.

Anyone who tells you adoption is bad doesn’t know a thing about it.
I know a TON about it.
Don’t cross me.
You don’t have to be biologically related to be loved. God has shown me time and time again that no biological connections have to be made in order to be loved, and to love a family. I am blessed to have a family to love me, and I them. I also have extended family, and many friends who welcome me into their home as there “other” brother/sister/cousin/daughter/niece (etc.). I am so thankful for them, and I thank God every day for placing such incredible people into my life.

I am tired of hearing how adoption is a bad thing, or a last resort.
I am tired of hearing the horror stories.
I am tired of people thinking adoption is anything less than a beautiful process.

Yes, sometimes there is pain in adoption…but you know what? There is pain in everything in life. We live in a dark world that needs Jesus. No matter what your child’s life is not going to be all sunshine and daisies. Biological or not, your child’s life is going to happen the way it’s supposed too. There will always be the hard moments, and it isn’t necessarily easier with a biological child than an adopted one. I’m tired of hearing that lie. Biological or not a child is a child. A home is a home. Love is love. It doesn’t matter if you are adopted or if you are biological. Adoption is beautiful. It is another way of adding another member to your family. It’s not always the “normal” way to do things…but you know what? Normal is OVERATED. I am not in any way saying “only adopt” I am saying that a child is a blessing no matter where the child comes from. Whether it is from you, or whether it is through adoption, a child is a blessing. When you adopt that is just another way of receiving this blessing.

That’s my story, and that’s my tangent.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Happy Adoption Month!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!
Jenessa Joy♥



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