What I Wore to Grad – June 2014

Hello Everyone!
I recently graduated, so I decided that I would go into some details of what I wore to grad! I know this is unlike anything I have posted here before, and please comment if you would like to see more of these sortof posts! Also, “2 Months of Swimming Regrets: The Final Installment” shall be up soon! Friday morning hopefully!!!


Underneath the Grad Gown:

WhatIWoretoGrad2This little number is what I wore underneath my cap and gown! I heard A LOT of horror stories about how in those gowns it is CRAZY WARM. So I was sure to dress in something that wouldn’t add to that. The shirt I wore was very sheer, and I wore a white camisole underneath it, it isn’t pictured because I didn’t see the need to photograph it. The pencil skirt can be long or short, depending on how you adjust it, I usually wear it a little bit higher, but making sure to not show to much leg. (Obviously.) I also wore jewelry and fingerless gloves, but keep reading and you’ll see pictures to come!

–Teal Flowy Shirt from Winners.
–Camisole from Aeropostale.
(Not Shown.)
–Textured Black Pencil Skirt
from Reitmans.
–Sparkly Gold Shoes from Payless Shoes.

For My Grad Banquet: 


The banquet, and commencement were on the same day! All my accessories were worn to the commencement (including the fingerless gloves! No, I’m NOT joking! I’m surprised my Mom and Aunts didn’t kill me!!! I wore my signature mismatched earrings as well!) So, the above outfit with the cute skirt?? Was worn with all these accessories seen in this picture! As for the dress: my Aunt was originally supposed to make my dress, but that fell through a month before grad we were in a mad dash to find a dress. As you can see, on the hanger my dress looks kindof…blah! (I’m sorry, that sounds ridiculous, and un-extrodinarly and un-impressively bad dialogue, but that’s the best way to describe it for the time being!) I indulged my Mother’s pleas to try it on, it had a shrug covering the dress in the beginning, and I was not impressed with the shrug, or the dress in general when I saw it on the hanger. When I tried it on my Mom insisted it was “THE DRESS”, I didn’t agree with her quickly. I had to see some more options first. After a few hours of looking we decided on this one. It’s TARDIS Blue as well as a GREAT price! It was perfect!…without the shrug!

–TARDIS Blue dress is from a little Boutique called “Sidewalkers”
–Sequined Silver Clutch from Shoppers Drug Mart
–Gold Heels from Payless Shoes
(Already Stated.)
–Mismatched Earrings
Silver Star Earring from Reitmans
Cross Earring made by Me
–Silver Flowers Jewels
(They were worn twisted into my hair.)
From Ardene.
–Sworvski Crystal Heart Pendant and Silver Dotted Chain
Sworvski Pendant -I got at a Local Craft Fair.
Chain – The pendant was originally on a cord. I switched
it out for this dotted chain that I found in my Mom’s jewelry collection.
–Black Lace Gloves from Ardene.
–Assorted Bracelets:
Sequined Bracelets (3) – Ardene
Teal Bracelet – Made by my friend Nicole
Silver Charm Bracelet & Charms – Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelets & Charms
Given to me as a 16th Birthday Present, charms from
friends and family. I believe it was bought from
Cooks Jewelers.
Purple and Silver Flower Bracelet made by Me.

What I wore to my Grad Party! 


Now, I had a little party with some of my close friends. (We had one down south for my grad, my cousins college grad, my  families birthdays, Father’s Day, etc. But I wore my grad banquet outfit through the majority of it, and changed into jeans and shirt later. Didn’t think it was worth showing.) This little party was on Sunday! I wore a pair of earrings, and a clip in my hair as well, but I couldn’t find either when it came to taking pictures for this. (The earrings fell out about half way through anyways! I don’t remember wearing a necklace either.) I’m sorry that the shirt looks so wrinkled in this photo. This shirt is also a bit more on the sheer side so I wore a camisole under it as well. I loved this outfit, it was fun, and cute, I wore it to a Worship Night and Farewell later that night. (With some nice shoes, coat, and bag.)

–Mint tank-top from Riki’s.
–Skinny Jeans (might be considered high waisted)
from Winners.
–Assorted Bracelets from:
Green and Brown Mint Bracelets (3) – Gift from
my friends Jackie & Sarah Faith!
Silver Sequined Bracelets (3) – from Ardene
Silver Charm Bracelet & Charms – Thomas Sabo Bracelet
Gift from Parents, charms from Friends & Family.
Purchased at Cooks Jewelers.
Red and Silver Bracelet – made by me.
Purple and Silver Flower Bracelet – Made by Me

I’m sorry that the lists were so long. I’m new at this! Hope you enjoyed being tortured like this!!! I guess normally these articles are a lot smaller when I see them on others peoples sites because:
a) there usually is not as much commentary, detailed descriptions, and details added in
b) there is usually one outfit…so even if there was commentery, there isn’t as much
c) there are more detailed in the pictures so less words
But like I said…I’m new at this.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this, if you’d like to see more of what I wear…let me know!!
Hope to see you reading later!

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!!
♥Jenessa Joy♥

PS – I don’t have many teals/turquoise coloured shirts, but apparently I enjoy wearing them…as shown evident in these outfits.



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