Two Months of Swimmers Regrets: Week 3 &4: Bad Eye Sight, Diving Insecurities, More Swim Cap Rants, and getting thrown into the pool…

Note: Yes, I skipped a week! Get over it! Here’s week three and four! 



Two Months of Swimmers Regrets: Week 3 & 4:

Sooo, after recovering from my sudden allergy, asthma, oxygen-deprival, sickness thing it was time to jump back into the swimming pool. Fortunately for me only one practice was missed. (Two if we’re counting a Saturday that I didn’t know I had to go to until last week! Yes, last week Jason sprung on me that I was expected to go to Saturday practices…yay?) I would have missed two (or three depending if you’re counting the Saturday) but it was over a long weekend so there was no practices on the Monday. Now I’m all healthy again and I’m back in the water, so without further ado…

So here are weeks 3 and 4 of “Two Months of Swimming Regrets”…

Let’s start with swim caps. Okay, yes, I know I’ve ranted about them A LOT already, but coming from a girl with long, and thick hair swim caps are a blessing and a curse.

Regret #6: Why didn’t I get a thick swim cap to begin with?
I waited to get our “team” swim cap. (Which is basically a standard black swim cap with our team name on it.) They gave me a thin swim cap. It didn’t even last me a full swim practice. About half-way through the practice it ripped up the middle. Yay. I decided it must be because my hair is just to fabulous, my Aunt thinks it’s because my heads to big…I guess it could be that. I still think it’s the hair thing.
I went back and told them that it ripped and they gave me a new, thicker one. It has so far lasted through swim practices okay. I feel really dorky and kinda weird wearing a swim cap…I guess there isn’t really a way to look extremely in a swim cap.

Regret #7: Why don’t I have prescription goggles, or contacts, or SOMETHING?!
When I say that I’m practically blind I am unfortunately not exaggerating very much. Having my glasses lying around deck is a terrifying experience. Plus trying to wear them with a swim cap (which is impossible!) doesn’t work very well! I feel like a dorky already without adding glasses into the mix.

Regret #8: Why am I so scared of diving?
So far diving hasn’t been that terrible. Just like everyone else while diving I’m scared of belly flopping. Now I just don’t think about it, and just do it. So far I haven’t done to badly! I guess all the lifeguard classes where they made us work on our diving really helped. I’m convinced that a lot of the stuff I am capable of is only because of lifeguarding, AWSI, WSI, and competitive lifeguarding. (Yes, that is a thing. My NLS instructor was VERY big into the competitive lifeguarding scene. He trained us to not only be able to be a good guard, but also be able to capable to compete in competitions. He held us to a really high standard, which makes me happy.) Now, I just need to start diving off the blocks. That’s the next step. Ugh.

Regret #9: What is with me and being scared of dolphin kicks?
I really shouldn’t be, and I’m not anymore! I actually feel like I’m half decent at it.

Regret #10: Why did I enter something that Ben is in?  Why did I tell Ben my birthday?
I saved this one for last. To be honest, it’s not really a “regret”, I just think this is a hilarious story. I really wanted to work it into this series somehow. It’s worth remembering.

Now, before we get into things, I should introduce Ben. Ben is a good friend of mine, he’s like another brother. In the water he is ridiculously fast, practice I guess! He’s been in swimming quite a few years now. He has always known that I wanted to do swim club, and I admit I was always a little bit jealous that he got to be in it. I had talked to him about swim club, before starting, and joked how terrible that’d be. He rolled his eyes at me, and says in a annoyingly informative voice: “you’d like it.” He was right.

Onto the story. It all starts with my Birthday. And how Ben knew it was my birthday. I know the “regret” says “Why Did I tell Ben my birthday”…but I did say he was a good friend so I didn’t have to “tell” him my birthday. He already knew it. Unfortunately.
My birthday was on May 28th, so just a few days ago! (Anyone interested in a blog post about my birthday?) I had to swim on my birthday, and I was not looking forward to it. I was at Ben’s house hanging out with him, and his sisters, and parents (I’m close with his entire family), and I was complaining about it.

“I really don’t want to swim today!” I whine. (Yes, whine, really attractive right? Don’t give me a hard time, I know you all do it sometimes.)
Ben tells me: “don’t worry, you’ll only get thrown into the pool 19 times.”
“Wait! WHAT?!” I say. “Why?!”
Ben gives me an incredulous look.
“Oh, cuz it’s my birthday?”
“Well, it doesn’t matter, no one in swim club knows it’s my birthday except you…” I say somewhat relieved. I really shouldn’t have been.
“If you go, I’ll tell Jason.” Dang it. Really Ben?
“No, you won’t.”
“Yes, I will.”
“No, you won’t! If you tell anyone I’ll kill you!

I do decide to go to swimming, I had a feeling that Jason wouldn’t be all to pleased that I’d skipped. Ben starts swimming later then I do, so when he arrives I’m already in the water. (I’m on a rest bite, so at this point I’m just waiting to start swimming again.) He walks up to Jason.
“Hey, Jason, there’s a birthday today.” At this point I’m staring.
“Oh yeah? Who?” Jason replies.
“Jenessa,” Ben says. Really Ben? I told you NOT to tell anyone!
“Who?” Jason says. (He only calls me JJ. I guess he forgot what my real name is.)
“Jenessa,” Ben points at me, “JJ, Jenessa.”
“JJ?” Jason looks surprised…not sure why, I did tell him I might have to stop swimming early because of “birthday stuff”, conveniently leaving out that it was my birthday.
“Ben, I am going to KILL you!” I yell from the pool.
Ben laughs, and looks far to smug.

Nothing happens, except Jason asks me how old I was turning. I get him to guess. He guesses 17. Very close.  And surprising,! Most people think I’m anywhere from 13-15. 16 if I’m lucky!

We are almost done swimming for the day when Jason gets us to swim to the other end of the pool. All of us. All the levels. That should have sent off warning bells. It didn’t though. Completely oblivious I think that we’re just going to do more drills. Jason gets all of us to stand under the flags. Then he yells: “Okay Gold! Get ‘er done!” I’m thoroughly confused as to what’s going on…and that is when Ben shows up beside me. “Okay Jenessa,” he’s smiling to much. “We get to dunk you now.”
“What?! No!!” I yell. “Ben I am going to KILL YOU!”
He laughs.
Pretty soon I’m on  my back, arms crossed, while all the Marlins are surrounding me, they all have me by my arms, back, shoulders, and legs. One of the older guys tells me to be careful with my breathing, and to make sure to breathe through my nose, not mouth.

They then proceed to dunk me. 19 times. 18, for my current age. One for good luck.

The rest of practice I made a point of giving Ben a (playful) death glare if we made eye contact, and then slapped him at one point for that. We ended up on the same relay team that day. I was still “mad” at him. He still was laughing at me. He’s still in trouble.

If I’m being completely honest it was actually really, really fun. And if it were the other way around I would have done the exact same thing to Ben. (Unfortunately his birthday is in August, and swimming is long over by then.)
I’m still going to keep giving Ben a hard time about it. He’s not about to get off easy.

I’ll see you at the pool. 😉

Yours Truly,



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