Two Months of Swimming Regrets: Week 2: Swim Caps, Forbidden from the Pool, and talking about Physically Challenged Leeches…

Note: I have decided the best way to do this project is to do it weekly. So here we  are. Week Two! Also note that I was sick when I wrote this.

Two Months of Swimming Regrets: Week 2:

Right now I am forbidden to step into a pool. Why? Yesterday I was taken to the hospital because of oxygen deprival, and allergies. The doctor then told me I shouldn’t do any form of exercise for a few days until I get things under control, because I would only be disappointed when my stamina wouldn’t hold out. I’m sad. I actually feel very weak right now, which is not fun. Ugh, I hate being sick! How about it if one of you come and saves me with Ice-Cream, Doctor Who, and a healthy dose of a laughter!…please?  I don’t want to die of boredom! Or from swimming withdrawals! Please!? PLEASE?! No? Okay, fine, I’ll just sit here and write about swimming, next best thing, right?

The past week and a half has definitely been an adventure. I do not regret starting but so far these are a few regrets I have come across during this swim project.

Regret #2: Why didn’t I wear a swim cap? . I know I mentioned last article that it’s frustrating to not wear a swim cap, and that I recommend wearing one. Me, being the hypocrite that I am have not been wearing one. Not by personal choice, mainly because the swim club here requires you to wear a specific kind of swim cap that I am currently not in possession of. Now, I wore a white swim cap once, just because my hair was driving me absolutely insane, and I stuck out badly. Now, normally I don’t mind being the odd one out, but in this case when you aren’t that fast a swimmer, and asthmatic…I stick out enough already. So, I have discarded the white swim cap while I wait for the standard, black “Marlins” Swim Cap. Bad decision on my part. In the process of almost two weeks of swimming I have: snapped multiple hair-ties. (With no back-ups on hand!) Swimming lanes with your hair down, is painful, frustrating, and all around just bad. I have also got my hair stuck in the lane rope. (It was on the first day  too!) Last, but certainly not least I’ve provided entertainment from onlookers at the state of my hair! (Yes, they did point and laugh…no, I am not exaggerating.) Basically, it is a painful experience, that wreaks havoc on your hair in many different forms. Recommended? No! Wear a swim cap ladies! (To all you guys out there, lucky!)

Regret #3: Why Didn’t I learn Butterfly Before this??  Butterfly has a reputation for being one of the hardest strokes, physically, and learning wise. Now, swimming has always come easily to me. Freestyle: yes! Let’s go! Best stroke! Back Stroke: Sure, I can do that! Breast Stroke: I’m slow as a snail, but at least I can do it! Butterfly? Ugh. I look like a physically challenged leech trying to learn how to fly. It is unnatural, weird, and I just cannot do it! WANTED: ANYONE REMOTELY GOOD AT BUTTERFLY WHO CAN SHOW ME HOW TO DO IT. PLEASE?! I’M BEGGING HERE!

Regret #4: Why don’t I do _____ when doing flip turns?  I was surprised when I actually succeeded in doing a flip turn. I was pretty sure it was going to be horrible the first time I did it, but when I surfaced I was met with: “GOOD JOB JJ! Now just remember to…” For never doing a flip turn before I was pretty happy with how it went. I do need a lot of work though. I keep forgetting to tuck my head when I do a turn, and get a good amount of water up my nose every time. I also need to figure out when is a good time to breathe, being asthmatic forgetting to breathe, and then going to do a turn I pop up like a jack-in-a-box directly following the turn not bothering to swim. Bad. Bad. Bad. BAD! 

Regret #5: Why was I so worried about the relays?  The coaches usually do relays following warm up, or closer to the end of practice, and initially I tried to sit out because of my asthma. Last practice Jason said I had to do my part or they wouldn’t have enough people. Turned out to be okay, it was freestyle (my best stroke, I think), and my asthma wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Getting ready, and starting the relays takes time, time enough for my asthma to calm down. I also swam 3rd, which gave my asthma even more time to settle. The mental note has been made: don’t be as scared of relays next time.

That’s all the regrets I can think of for now. I am sincerely enjoying swim club, and I honestly am really sad that I have to sit out today because of my stupid asthma/allergies. If it weren’t for doctors, and parents orders I’d probably be trying to swim. (And then that would be Regret #6 because I feel really weak right now. Hooray for oxygen deprival!) The hardest part so far has been starting. I thought swim club would be a lot harder then it would be. The work itself has been pretty easy for me (it doesn’t sound easy, and it doesn’t look easy just because of my asthma…but I can tell it’s easy because I’m not tired by the end of practice.). The hardest part has been getting in the pool, and swimming. Some people  would think that’d be the easiest, but it was the hardest for me. Facing that fear and beginning? Was it easy? No? Was it worth it? Yes!

Yours Truly, JJ


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