New Project: Two Months of Swimming Regrets: Day 1

Note: This is my latest project. Going into Swim Club, and giving it two months to see if I like it or not. These posts will be posted throughout the week probably. They’re just my account and advice for all of you other swimmers, or people who are dying to do something…but haven’t because of the things holding you back. So welcome to my new segment “Two Months of Swimmers Regrets.” 

Two Months of Swimmers Regrets — Day 1:

May 5th, 2014

I’ve always wanted to join swim club. but I never could. I’d ask my Mom, but we couldn’t…didn’t have the money, or the time. It was unfortunate, because I’d always loved swimming, and still do!

My birth-father was a swimmer. From what I’ve heard, a good one…because of that I always felt a very big connection to him whenever I swam.

Now, at 17 my obstacles that have prevented me from joining competitive swimming in the past are still there. But they’ve lessened. I can now shoulder a lot of the financial and stress level load of being in swim club.

So I have agreed to start swim club.
I’ve always wanted to try. If I don’t do it now…I never will.

This is my record of my two month trial run. It contains all of my swimmers regrets.

I started today. 1 day down. 2 months left to go!

Regret #1: Why didn’t I start swim club sooner? 

I genuinely enjoyed it! And though Courage (my friend) abandoned me, I went in and had FUN!
I had one of my friends, Heather come with me to the pool. To force me, and help convince me to go in, if she hadn’t come with me I probably would have been pacing outside the pool for about half-hour!

When I was deciding whether or not to do this I had a few concerns that torn me down the middle. One telling me that I should do this, and my concerns would eventually be proved invalid. Or that my concerns would turn out to be true, and it would be a terrible and something I would regret.

One half of me said:
You have always wanted to do this. You might not get a chance to do something like this again. You love swimming, you should try. You know that you really, really want too.”

The other half said:
It’s going to be awkward. You’re a slow swimmer. You’re asthmatic. Everyone already knows everyone.
(There were more…such as being busy, price, etc. but these were the biggest  and most ominous.)

Eventually with a lot of convincing from my friends I managed to arrive at: “I’m not getting any younger, I want to do this…it will be awkward, I am a slow swimmer, I am asthmatic, and everyone already knows everyone, but I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS. I don’t care what they think, I think I need to do this for me.”

After getting through the doors of the pool, and on my starting day: I discovered this.

  1. It is awkward. 
    But once I got past that I honestly had a really great time!
  2. I am a slow swimmer.
    The expert was once the beginner. You’re slow like me? You’ll get faster!
  3. I am still asthmatic.
    The coach knows I am. He understands. He doesn’t expect any less from me but he knows to let me stop and take my inhaler, and breathe if I have to.
  4. Yes, everyone does know everyone.
    It’s true, and they all know each other pretty well! BUT they were very welcoming and accepting, and it didn’t matter, they were nice. You will learn to know them too. They weren’t always best friends.

I went in scared, but came out happy. It was a REALLY good call!
I’m not saying everyone’s experience for there first time swimming in swim club (or any other activity for that matter), will be as good as mine. But I also think that you shouldn’t let the fear that the program, or activity will be terrible should stop you from trying it. It’s better to look back and be able to say you did it, then to stop look back and wonder what it would’ve been like.

Now I don’t have to look back and think: “what would swim club been like? Would I like it?” Now I’m starting to find out, and I’m going to give it a fair chance!

I’m happy with my decision.

With that said, here are a few suggestion to all of you “new” swimmers:

  1. Don’t be afraid to try. 
    I’ve said this already, but I can’t stress this enough.
  2. Bring a water bottle. 
    You may be surrounded by water, but you  aren’t drinking chlorine! You need to DRINK, and stay hydrated!
  3. Wear a swim cap! 
    Everyone else is! They may look dorky, but they work! My hair got stuck in lane rope today! Ouch!
  4. If you’re asthmatic…BRING YOUR INHALER.
    Just in case! Better to have one and not need it, then to not have one and need it!
  5. If you’re asthmatic…never be ashamed of it!
    You were born with it. It is part of your body, and how you function, you can’t help it. There are ways to even it out, and find a balance. Give it time.

That’s all for today, my fine ladies and gents! Keep swimming!

Yours Truly,

PS – I’m happy!




  1. That’s great Jenessa. I always find it hard to do new things — even simple things. When we first moved to Calgary Ben and I decided to go on a walk in downtown. I got about 100 feet before I decided that I SO did NOT want to do this! Thankfully, Ben dragged me along, and I actually enjoyed myself.


    • Thanks Allison! 🙂 I know it’s a little scary stepping outside of your comfort zone, but I can’t recommend enough to JUST DO IT. Even if it’s crazy scary for you, a lot of the time it’s A REALLY GOOD EXPERIENCE. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you don’t have to look back and wonder “What would it have bee like?” It’s a good either way! Try it sometime!!!! 🙂


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