I’m obviously blowing this whole once a week thing…


I’m obviously blowing this once a week thing…but let me say that these past few weeks have been absolutely CRA-ZAY! I guess I’ll talk a little bit about my past couple of days for you…Tuesday Night/Early Wednesday Morning wasn’t a great “hello wonderful Wednesday!” type of day…actually, it was more of a “oh no. You’ve got to kidding me…this is going to be a bad day, isn’t it?”

I guess I’ll talk a little bit about my past couple of days for you…
Tuesday Night/Early Wednesday Morning wasn’t a great “hello wonderful Wednesday!” type of day…actually, it was more of a “oh no. You’ve got to kidding me…this is going to be a bad day, isn’t it?”

Boy, did I ever call that one.

You see, my headphones broke. I know, a lot of you are like: “How is that such a big deal?” Let me explain something to you, I am a HUGE music geek. Now you’re thinking: “so!? Most teenagers are!!!” Well, I might be normal, but I like to think I’m more then average. I will listen to music almost all the time, it helps me. A lot. I listen to all sorts of music, and I love it dearly. I have come into very rough times with my life (which I choose to leave out of these posts), and music helps me so, so, SO much. It also helps connect me to my savior, it brings praise and worship with me. It’s the one place where I can sing, and praise, and lift my hands. It’s the place where I can create dance for my God. It is where I can express everything, lay everything out. Music is a place where I can express myself, and feel a different emotion with each and every song. It is a place where I can learn to love. A song is like a story. Some are coded, and secretive like people. Some are vulnerable and open, like other people. Each holds a story, and a purpose. Some are badly written. But some are amazing. Each…have something. Something to show. Some story to tell. And I love stories. And that’s just the lyrics. When you hear the sound of music, it’s like hearing someones heart. It’s like dreaming out loud. It was written by people who care about something, or most of them anyways. And music. Yes. That is music. Music means a lot to me. I love it.
Okay, back to the headphones–These headphones, are my big ones, that cover my whole ears. I hadn’t spent hundreds of dollars on them, they were decent headphones though, and I had had problems with them in the past. Now I was just…DONE. I wasn’t going to take them back for (what seemed) like the zillionth time. No. I was going to fix them.
The screw had come out, so I found it, and (painstakingly) put it back in. When I tried the headphones on again I discovered this definatly wasn’t working. I was very, very annoyed. Another screw was missing as well. I couldn’t find it.
“Fine,” I think, “I’ll tape them together tomorrow.”  I go to bed, sad, hoping I can fix them. I don’t have a lot of money right now, and I probably shouldn’t be spending money on new headphones.
The next day taping the headphones didn’t work. That was just devastating. I was crushed. It was back to ear buds only. 😦
I was, and still am, VERY sad about that.

The rest of the day continued badly. I had recently been hired at our local museum to be a Saturday Museum Assistant, and had done something that made me look bad, and was asked to bring some information that I thought I wouldn’t be able to access. (My Social Insurance Number.) I wasn’t happy, and was fearing getting fired from my all to recent job. Sadly, things got worse. I fought with my Dad, and was feeling ultimately crushed by the world, especially after my lack of being able to focus AT ALL on my socials essay that was awaiting completion.

I think one of the  bright spots in my day was my friends. There are few people in my life who have seen me in devastating circumstances, and though this wasn’t as horrid a day as some others that have popped up, I was feeling crushed. But God has put people in my life who somehow love me through it. Through my all to needy, clingy, Skype messages that I feel I send them every night, to those random texts I send them when I’m crying in the day, to my lengthy rants that I feel like I am always proclaiming to them. They love me still. They are there for me. I am SO, SO, SO, SO, SO blessed. (Yes guys ‘n’ girls, you out there…you know who you are!) Some of these people helped brighten my day. They made me laughed. They reminded me.

And then there was God’s promise in Romans 8:28…which one of my friends so happened to remind me of God’s perfect plan. (Not by this verse exactly, but in general.)
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ” ~Romans 8:28 

Yes. That was a reminder. Like I said, I’ve been through some uncertain times lately…and I have to remember God’s promises. It’s funny how after going through big stuff how the little stuff can break you. But I know everything is going to God’s glory. I am confident in what happens. I just need that reminder sometimes. I want to serve God in everything. If it’s suffering (which isn’t what I’d call what’s going on, it’s just an example), if it’s leaving everything I know behind, if it’s unemployment, if it’s praise, if it’s at the tops of mountains. In every situation I want to use it, and give all glory to him. And I want to remember his promises. And that he is ALWAYS there for me.

That was Wednesday.

Thursday? I tramped all over my town, and the neighboring city. I got up and was out of the house at 8:30, and my Dad and I were off to our little city that was 45 minutes away. We were getting my SIN card, cuz we can’t get it in our little hamlet. That was entertaining. The Social Insurance Lady, (with my birth certificate sitting right in front of her!)  looks up at me, scans me, and then proceeds to ask: “are you married?”
My reaction?? My thoughts followed the lines of: “WHAT!? LADY, LOOK AT THE CERTIFICATE! I’M 16!!!”  Though throughly entertained throughout the whole thing. My response out loud was more like this: “Um…no?” Real creative response right? Well, the question mark was just my stunned reaction that she was honest to goodness asking me that. I guess it’s a requirement or something…

After that my Dad and I head to the airport. It’s smack dab close to the city we’re visiting. We wait there for a long time, and I get to text a few of my friends about my “marriage”. I’m sure at least one of them got a laugh out of that. We pick up my Uncle, and then head off to home. We drop him off at his house, and we are about to head off to tutoring. By this time it’s 11:15. I ask my Dad if we can stop at home quickly so I can grab something to eat. We do that, and I run inside and grab pizza (which I had for breakfast by the way), and an apple and then we’re out the door. I’m dropped off at tutoring.

An hour worth of torture   math later my Dad picks me up, and I’m heading downtown. I go to my bank, get something for my work, and then sit and talk for a few minutes. I then hurry to go to the museum for my training.

It went well. There was a lot to remember, and really, it will be an ongoing learning experience. Ongoing training. I was trained in the gift shop, how to get in, what I’ll be doing on the computer, etc. etc. I think it went decently.

After about two or three hours of this, I call my Dad to pick me up. He doesn’t answer. After a few tries I head to my Mom’s office. It is slushy, and rainy, and yucky, but I reach it, and jog up the stairs. The secretary tells me to go on in, and I see through my Mom’s office window-thingy that she looks very intense. I ask her assistant if my Mom is busy, it turns out she’s on the phone, and Barb tells me to go and sit and wait. I walk in, and sit down, while I wait I text a few people who wanted to know how my training went. My Mom eventually hangs up the phone, and I tell her about how it went. She smiles and nods, and we talk for a few minutes, and she calls Dad to pick me up. I’m standing at this point, when my Mom asks me seriously to, “sit down.”
Red flags.
“What did Ryan do?” I ask as I sit down.
“Why does it always have to do with Ryan?” Mom asks.
“Because it always is.” I reply laughing. “Or Chris.”
“Jenessa, your course was cancelled.”
(*note: My course=National LifeSaving Course {NLS} I was taking it Southern BC, getting there via plane…big deal!)
My mood falls immediately, and I slump back in the chair. “What?! Why? What happened?”
It turns out that there wasn’t enough people for the course to continue. I’m disappointed. I’m in shock. I’m sad. But I don’t feel it. I feel like I should be though. But I know deep down I’m sad. I’m just in shock.
My Mom proceeds to try and cheer me up, and tells me about how there might be course somewhere else, or how I could take it in the summer. No. That wouldn’t work. There was a course that was unfilled in a different city, except that we don’t have family where I can stay in that area. But I do have a friend…no…I wouldn’t want to impose, and I could tell Mom thought the same thing. She encourages me to call the lady back, as Mom only heard a message. I nod.

Before I go home, Mom says that she wants a picture of my first day of work. I am putting it here for you…I’m not sure why.
886841_10151563068484282_1186728821_oBefore you ask, YES I am wearing dress pants. No, I am not wearing jeans (as you can see)….



Have you just died of shock? They are a pair of cream coloured dress pants, and how in the world I kept them (sortof) clean I have NO IDEA. It’s some form of a miracle. They are actually quite comfortable, but light coloured pants can turn out disastrous sometimes…I had more written here about work attire…but I took it out for your sake…this article is long enough…and I am still a tomboy everyone. They’re just dress pants…and it’s okay to dress up once and awhile…especially if it’s for work.

After getting home, around 3:30-4:00ish I was freaking out about NLS. I had called, and researched, and done more of that! My parents had already purchased a plane ticket. What was I going to do?? There were NLS options in three other places…I was freaking, and desperately needed to talk to someone. My friend Hannah after reading the urgent text I sent her, called me. (After I gave her the wrong phone number ACCIDENTLY..*facepalm* …don’t worry, I eventually found out and gave her the right one.) We talked, and she asked if there were any other courses and where. I told her. One was in her town. Remember? I had said I hadn’t wanted to impose. But she made it clear that she wanted to, so she would ask her parents that night.

Fast forward a few hours, I had just gotton home from “Girls Night” (a girls night thing that I help with/attend. We watched the movie “Joyful Noise”, great movie! I had left early so I missed the last bit of it. Trailer is here.) was around 9:30, and I’m on the computar…Hannah comes online shortly, and we talk.
She tells me that her family was willing to have me. I am totally cool about it, and thank her cordially and remain very collected and unaffected by the whole thing.   Okay, no. I FREAK OUT so badly. I am jumping around the house and I am so, so, so, so, so, so, SO, SO, SO excited. I am still leaving on Sunday, and will be visiting with my family for a week, going to see my friends from my online school, and then taking the course while staying with one of my closest friends. God had a plan. He had the perfect build up for Hannah to be able to ask if I can stay, and he had a free space in the class. It gives me more time to spend with my family. It is perfect. His plan is perfect. And this proves it.

Now a day later I am happy. Clothes are all around my room from trying to figure out WHAT IN THE WORLD to pack. My headphones are broken, and I’m still slightly sad  devastated (okay, okay, I’m exaggerating….slightly. 😉 ) about that, I’m tired,  I’m still in some silly situations…but I’m happy, and excited. This spring break is going to be great. I can tell already. It’ll great to see some of the people who mean the most to me, and have had left there mark on my life as friends, family, and undeniably amazing people who push through, and have stood by me. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. (Well, today, now that it’s past 12:00!).Tomorrow I’m packing, and then I’m working from 12:00 to 4:00. Then I pick up stuff I need for the trip. . Then I pack more. Then I go babysit. Then I do random stuff, and then sleep.

This is going to be an adventure to remember.
Ready to come along for the ride?

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music,
♥Jenessa Joy ♥

OH! LOOK! THIS ARTICLES FINALLY DONE…well, evidently not, if you’re still reading this! Congratulations you made it through!!! Good job! I wonder how many of you actually made it. 😉


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