My True Knight’s Call,

My True Knight’s Call
–Written by Jenessa Joy–

My Heart is sealed,
and no one ever had the key,
and somewhere out there,
there is a heart reserved for me,

As people talk, as people say,
ask about my relationship status  today,
I smile and shake my head,
not telling them,
as I rest upon my stead,
that my heart is well tucked away,
in a secret place,

It shall be found one day,
in the future far away,
and I can reward the one true
Hero-Prince, who searched long and
hard to win, find, and bind it,

My heart shall be his, and his mine,
walking down the aisle in a gown flowing white,
I shall be a Princess for once in my life,
loved by my Hero-Prince-Knight,

People may not see how I can stand at the castle gate,
frozen in wait,
for the Hero-Prince-Knight to come,
not a step will I let fall as I be patient,
for my true Knight’s call, 

Poem I wrote during the summer..I’m more of a lyric girl, but poetry often grabs me, and pulls me in. This poem is a little sappier then some stuff I write, but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music,
Love From,



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