My “Endless” Rant About School, and the Annoyance of the Current School System..

I don’t get school…I know, I’m just bummed because it’s not summer anymore. But still. I. DO. NOT. GET. SCHOOL.
Like, seriously, like–uh-oh, I just began talking like the average teenager, saying “like” every second word, and not realizing there is such thing as “For Example”, or “such as”…maybe I do need school!

Wow, who am I kidding??

I know school is grooming us for real life, but why do we need to know about history?? The people are already dead, anyways! Wow, that was shallow eh, and probably most students around the world are thinking it…but actually, history tells a very interesting story, and it tells us about many great people’s downfalls. Knowing this might help us in the future, to not make the same mistakes.
(For example: “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t invent a device that makes things easier for everybody on the planet to communicate! You know Alexander Graham Bell made a HUGGGEEE mistake, because now that his invention has evolved, it now is an obsessive item for the whole planet called the CELL PHONE. Who would’ve thought that such a magnificant discovery would lead to so many parents arguments, and so many high phone bills?! Huh.”)

And what about math!? Why does pi and the pythagorus therum have to do with ANYTHING!? (For example if you have a job that requires, math, science…well, noooo, you’re NEVER going to need that ammature stuff that you learned in high-school!) Well…if you live in reality, a lot. But I still will never understand calculus.

But sitting behind a desk all day….ohwait, I’m homeschooled! Nevermind.
Yes, you have just read a very confusing article, basically saying what everybody, and nobody is saying.
Sick of me?
Stop reading then….ohwait, this is the end of the article. Too late.

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music,
Love Jenessa Joy


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