Kelowna Bound,

I open my eyes, bright white airy light is filling the guest room Grace and I are in. The kindof light that only comes from a cloudy day. I lay there, wondering if Grace is awake yet, my thoughts wandering to the happenings of the previous day. I hear Grace moving in her sleeping bag, turning over I ask her if she’s awake. She is. We lounge there for awhile, a few leisure conversations coming up….

Soon we’re forced to get up. We have to get on the road. Sighing Grace heads to the washroom, while I get change. She’s complaining about her hair when she comes out. I’m instantly annoyed. Come on! Her hair is perfect, her make-up is flawless, and her clothes are well chosen. I, on the other hand was make-up-less, and fine with it, in a baggy sweatshirt (which was extremely comfortable), and ponytails and bandana’s have always been my thing…so, whatever. Last night she had tried to convince me to let her put eye make-up on me the next day….I had told her no.

Gathering the last of our stuff we trudged downstairs and dropped it in the enterance, and walked into the kitchen. My aunt had already left for work, so Grace and I ate some cereal, and then went to brush our teeth.

Soon we were in our Toyota Sienna Mini Van heading towards Kelowna. Grace and I talk, but soon we’re both plugging in our MP3 and MP4 players. Grace and I are both pretty big music geeks. We’re on the same level I think, Grace is just a bit more ‘out there’, I on the other hand am a bit more quiet ,but once you get me talking it’s hard to make me stop. After awhile we’re talking again.

It’s not an understatement to say that Grace and I listened to music 40% of the trip…if not more. A lot of the time we would be sharing headphones in a very uncomfortable position without pulling the ear bud out of each others ears. Grace kept teasing me about my music choices closer to the end of the trip. “You have all Christian rock on here!” “Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts are NOT country!” “Okay, Tim McGraw is…”
“Mm-hm.” “They’re YOUTUBERS though…”
I don’t know about you Grace, but youtubers are still muscians last I checked! Grace was pulling my leg…she knows I have good taste in music, and when she got home she put a whole bunch of Christian Rock on it. 🙂

At one point we stopped at McDonalads so my Mom could get a coffee. I wanted ice cream. I really like ice cream. I like almost anything cold as long as it’s not to coffee-y, and not to…to….yucky. Grace and I both got McFlurrys, they were really good.

While we were driving Grace was getting bored. “Where’s your camera?” She asks.
When bored….take pictures!

Grace’s lace thing….she took that one.

Random picture of Grace’s hands that I took…

Picture of Jones Soda bottle  taken by Grace.

Picture of my brother…

Okay, well, you get the picture, we took a whole bunch of pictures of things in the van. It was quite fun. We were in Kamloops. I was happy. There was talk. There was music. There were pictures. There was truth or dare. Could things get better? Tis fun. 🙂

We were in Vernon. I’m not exactly happy cuz, I won’t be able to hang out with Grace much longer. We’re getting closer to Kelowna, and Grace had tried to contact her Mom a few times. She texted her, and we were getting to Kelowna.

We ended up waiting for her Mom for abut an hour. Finally Grace leaves, and I’m dissapointed as we leave her behind, and head for my families house. My Mom comes from a huge family, she has relatives I haven’t even heard of before.
In this case? I had met this family before…once. And there oldest daughter had been absent. There daughter Kathleen is a year older then I am, I’d been told that I’d get along with her, but I was nervous about meeting her.

After a zillion wrong wrong turns we got there. Picking out my camera bag I got out of the van and waited for Mom, and Ryan to be ready to go. If it had been any other family I probably would’ve thrown open the door, and yelled: ‘I’M HOME!’ playfully. Or if I was feeling a little less outgoing I would’ve knocked shyly and smiled, and say: “hi!” to whoever opened the door.

But I didn’t. Finally, all three of us graced our way up the walk, and knocked on the front door, and rapped. The door open, and we were drawn into the huge house…

Hope you liked ‘Kelowna Bound.’
Keep your eyes out for the next installments! 🙂

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music,
Love From,
Jenessa Joy


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