Quesnel with Family+Grace

I went on a trip last weekend…so I thought I’d tell you the story of my trip! Here’s the next part in my weekend in, “Quesnel with Family+Grace.”

We pull out of the Starbucks parking lot. Grace is still freaking out A LOT, a little bit about the stunt I pulled on her. (If you didn’t hear that story, check out “Surprising Grace Kelly”.) I would’ve to if a guy I had been friends with for a long time showed up without my knowledge. We laughed at it, and the rest of the trip Grace kept repeating the same line: “I can’t believe you did that to me Jess! I just can’t believe it!”

About an hour and a half later we pulled into Quesnel, and headed to my Auntie’s and Uncles house. Upon arrival I jumped out, accompied by Grace and my family. Knocking on the door we were recieved with warm welcome from my Auntie. I smile and give her a hug, and introduce my Aunt to Grace. They give each other smiles, and a very nice exchange of hands.

We kinda hang out, and get our bags and Grace and I lug themupstairs to the room we’ll be staying in.  Grace eventually finds the piano which is in one of the guests room. And we decide to play and sing together. A lot of songs we did weren’t half bad. But others we just couldn’t do. Then we sit down to a gormet meal prepared by Auntie. It’s fabulous. It really is. My Aunt and Uncle are really good cooks. All of my family are good cooks..why didn’t I get any of those genetics? Wait, I’m adopted. That explains it! 😛 We eat and chatter, and after Grace and I go back to the piano. We work on recording “Breakeven” by the Script. We weren’t excatly awesome, but for only a little practice I don’t think we sounded half bad.

So we hang out, as it gets later, Grace and I trade in our jeans for pajama pants. Even though Grace and I are so much alike, we couldn’t be more different. She’s a bubbly, pretty ginger, who is a blast to be around. Her style in her words is:”whimsical”. Much more preppie then me. Even her casual travel look is sophisticated and fun. Plaid shirt, lace layers, black high-heeled boots with faded jeans. Me on the other hand is wearing a Olympic 2012 hoodie, which is super loose (cuz it’s a guys sweatshirt that my brothers weren’t wearing…so I stole it.), bandana, and jeans, with my nike longboarding shoes. Nothing amazing. But I was traveling. On other days my style is most definatly casual, comfortable, and (hopefully) original.

Grace and I talk for awhile. Reliving the whole “Surprising Grace Kelly” incident, and laughing, and talking about random stuff. Grace asks where my camera is. My. Awesome. Amazing. Incredibable. Rebel T3. Camera.
Grace is a fellow photographer, and she’s amazing. She’s super good with editing also. She’s crazy talented. It’s unfair. She somehow convinces me to take pictures. After a few pictures inside, she somehow talks me into going outside for a little photo shoot.

So we go. Let me say that I hated almost all of the photos she took of me outside. (The ones inside weren’t that bad.) But I was actually very happy with the results of Grace’s photo’s. The background was stunning. I was happy. 🙂


I know Grace won’t be happy if I don’t showcase some of her photography skills, so here’s one of the pictures she took of me. 🙂

After all the photo bondoggle we find movies that my Auntie keeps around for my little second cousin. We pick out “Wizard of Waverly Place” movie so we can relive our childhood…haha, just kidding. When we were seven Wizards of Waverly Place didn’t exsist…it was Veggie Tales for the two of us. 😉
After we finish getting ready for bed, and talk…then as I stare out the window at the stars wishing for things that are impossible I drift into sleep…

Blessings, Smiles,
Prayers, and Music!
Love From,
♥Jenessa Joy


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