Surprising Grace Kelly…

I went on a trip last weekend…so I thought I’d tell you the story of my trip! I’ll start with the  “Surprise” I prepared for my friend Grace…so here we go!

“I shift around in my seat for the zillonth time.  It wasn’t really my fault that I was excited to see Grace, and that I was nervous of missing him.

You see I was on my way to Quesnel BC, which is about 10 hours from my home town. But on the way we were picking up Grace. I’ve mentioned her before, remember?? Grace Kelly?? (Yes, that is her real name!!)  She’s from my online school, I know I’ve told you! Don’t say I haven’t! I met her in person for the first time at the end of March…and now she’s coming with us down to Kelowna for a homeschool conference. (I was to be a helper/leader at the homeschool conference.) You see, Grace had a ride back from the homeschool conference, but she hadn’t a ride to it. So we were giving her a ride there! And I was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY PUMPED!!!

So there I was shifting nervously. Again. I must’ve done that a zillion times. I wasn’t nervous to see Grace. Grace and I are to close to be nervous around each other. We’re just to hyper, crazy, and well…us!
I looked at the clock. I must’ve done that a billion times. 2:35. Sighing, I tried to relax. That didn’t happen.

We couldn’t find her house.
My Mom FREAKS OUT! I phone Grace.
The minutes are ticking away.

Grace walks to the end of her driveway,  I jump out and give her a big hug.  Taking her suitcase I put it in the trunk. We get in as Mum pulls away from the little sidestreet and into the highway.
“Did you talk to him?” Is the first thing she says as she slams the van door.
“Talk to who?”I said scared.
“Ben,” Grace rolls her eyes. Who is Ben? Ben is Grace and my friend from our online school, I’ve been friends with him for about 6 months to a year. He’s a good friend….he lives in Prince George, and Grace and I thought it’d be cool to meet him.
“Hm? Maybe.” I say. ‘Uh-oh. Did I blow something?’ I wonder.
“That means no.” Grace concluded.
Whew! That’s a relief!
I smile as Grace and I change subject to something else…

A few minutes later, I adjust the bandana on my head, and glance at the clock. “How far is Prince George from here?”
“Um, like….fourty-five minutes?” Grace guessed.
“Okay,” I nod. It was almost 3:15ish. Maybe we would make it.

Even though I was having a great time the minutes seemed to take a long time to pass. Would we miss him? I looked at Grace, giving her that smiley-smirk that I’d been giving her ever since she’d got in the van. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?!” Grace exclaimed.
“Like what?” I ask playing innocent, but still giving her the same look.
“Like you know something I don’t.”
“Oh this look?” I give her it again.
I laugh.

We chatter on, and on while my Mom and my brother Ryan listen in front of us.
We pull into PG, I pull on my shoes. They’re my flat soled nikes that I use for longboarding. Tying them I sit up and turn to Grace, “you might want to put your boots on.” I tell her.
I grin as Grace puts on her boots. I was excited. Will he still be there?? I wonder.
We pull into the Starbucks Parking Lot. I bit my lip having a very difficult time hiding my excitement. I couldn’t wait to see the look on Grace’s face!

As we park I see someone through the window see us pull up. He looks famialar. Is that him? We park, and I open the door and jump out all to quickly, looing back at the shop. The guy was getting up and reaching for his backpack looking at me. Yup, that’s him. “Come on Grace!” I urge, I really wanted to get her back for yesterday….what was yesterday? Keep reading. You’ll find out.

Grace and I walk towards Starbucks. I’m pumping with adrenaline, but still super nervous.  Grace tackles me with a side hug, making me stumble and almost fall. “Grace!” I exclaim, a laughing joy sparking in my tone. Releasing me we keep walking, stopping outside the Starbucks Sidewalk, I turn to Grace who has stopped also.

“Guess who’s meeting us here?” I watch as the wheels start turning in her brain, as a big smile spreads on my face.
She looks shocked with a smile, “NO! You didn’t talk to him, you’re joking me…You didn’t talk to him…did you?”

Benjamin walks out of the door. “Hey!”
Grace didn’t realize, she just looks at me. (She told me later that she had thought Ben was a starbucks employee who had come out to sweep the walk…:D Yet, he hadn’t a broom.)
I turn to Ben with a grin.
Then Grace realizes. “BEN! OHMYGOODNESS! YOU’RE HERE!” She jumps forward and gives him a hug.
“I’m a little shorter then you expected?” He asks, Grace who is taller…but only cuz of her wicked tall high-heeled black boots.
I laugh at her expression, stepping up beside her.”HAH! Well, I had to get you back somehow for last night!!”

I paused in reflection of it all…you see when Grace and I had been talking about going to CHEC the night preveious, I had said somewhat jokingly, “we should try and meet Ben!”
“Ohmygoodness! We so should!” Grace says.
“No,” I decide. “It’d be to weird!”
Since I was dead set and determind that Ben probably wouldn’t want to do it, Grace decided she would ask him. Without my permission. Fun.
So she skypes him a message. And tells me. I freak out. She deletes it. Of course he asks what it said….and of course Grace tells him.
Whatever Ben said to Grace she took it as a no….so I message Ben and I apologize.
“For what?” He asks.
Ohboy. I had thought.
That was when we start to talk about it… finally he asks if I’m asking him. I give him a really hard time, just to make sure he REALLY, HONESTLY, TRULY wanted to do this. (Not just act as if he did.)

We managed to arrange it.
As long as it was before 5:00.
That was why I had been so nervous that we’d miss him.

I had decided to make it a surprise. Get Grace back.
And boy was she surprised!!
I come back to reality as Grace pushes me towards Ben, trying to get me to give him a hug.
I resist her, and almost fall over. For a dancer I’m not very graceful. (Not that I didn’t want to hug him, I just didn’t want it to be more awkward then it needed to be. )

We go into Starbucks. I glance at Ben’s pile of homework, “how’s math Ben?” I question.
“Physics actually.” He replies.
Okay, I had only seen the calculator. So of course I think math. Wouldn’t you??

I ask Grace what she wants for a drink. “I don’t want anything.” She responds.
“Well, I’m getting you something whether you like it or not.” I tell her and go to the counter. Picking out a soda, and ordering myself a Frappacino  I pay, and then I head back to the table….where Grace was saying (yet again), “I can’t believe Jess did this to me!”
Well, I had.
I gave Grace the soda, “ooh! You might not want to give this to me” she tell me as she takes the root-beer.
“Well, I got it for you…so take it.” I tell her.
Grace tells me to sit down, she had pulled up two chairs, I sit down beside her, and we all began to talk. My Mom had just come in, and asks me what I want. I tell her that I’d already ordered something, and quickly went to get it. Coming back I sit down, and we talk some more.
That was when my Mom came up. I introduce Mom to Ben, who gets up and shakes her hand. “Well, it was nice to meet you Ben. But unfortunatly we have to go, we’re expected for dinner in Quesnel at 5:00.” She tells him.
“Oh, okay.”

Grace, Ben and I say our good-byes. “Hug, hug, hug, hug!” Grace is whispering as she puts the chair we had just got up from back in place.
I grin playfully, “Um, is there something in your throut Grace?”
Grace coughs, **cough** “hug” **cough**.
Then she pushes me.
“I can’t believe I made you wait so long!” I say. He had waited awhile in Starbucks for us…” I feel so bad!”
“Don’t! I wanted to.” He responds.
I quickly give him a side hug, “There, happy Grace?”
“Yes, extremely.” She replies.
“Bye Ben!” We say, and head out.

So that was my surprise on Grace. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much, as I had playing it on Grace! 😀

Usually I would a picture of our meet here…but unfortunatly we had forgotten to commit this moment to film. 😛 So no picture. Just words!

Blessings, Smiles, Prayers,
and Music!
Love from,
Jenessa Joy


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