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On Sunday evening I get out of the van where I’d been cramped in for 10 long hours. After almost three weeks I’m back in my humble little town. Smiling I give my Daddy a big hug. I felt loved. It felt so strange to be back again…

Remember that surprise I did for my best friend?? Yes, well, I stayed with Carlee for 10 days, then Mrs. B., Carlee, Maxx, Jonah, and I headed on the road towards Grand Prairie. We’ve known the B. family for a long time, 10 whole years, and my family, the B. family, and another family that we’d known forever in a day were having a little reunion. The Pressie’s live in Hinton, you might remember me talking about visiting them last summer. https://jjoyjournal.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/summer-etc-2/

Our family’s have known each other a long time. I’ve known the B.’s for 10 (almost 11) years. And the Pressie’s 8 or 9. Um, yeah! So there I was traveling with the B.’s. We overnighted in Grade Prairie, spending tiem at there awesome pool/waterpark place thingy. After church with Mrs.B.’s friend we were on our way.

Later on in Hinton I climb out of the vehicle. My family wasn’t there yet? I wasn’t expecting that! You see both Mrs.B. and my Mom are cautious drivers, but I was still expecting my family to get there first. We headed with our luggage to the door. The Presakarchuck clan would be out to greet us any minute now….the Pressie family have 5 kids.

Soon, we’re surronded in there entryway, it’s a little awkward, but we’re all happy to be there. We haven’t all been together in 3 years. This was a first. Taking a deep breath I glance around. Strange. We’re all so…old! We’ve grown up so much. That’s when my family pulls in. Everyone in my family had come, excepting my Dad. I hurry out of the front door, “Mommy!” I yell, giving her a hug, “I’ve missed you!”
I’ve been seperated from my family for two weeks. I was happy to be reunited with them. I even gave my brother RYAN a hug later on in the Pressie’s hallway! Um, yeah. Weird. I know.

There are 11 kids under one roof. Just for your sake I’m going to put the names, and ages of all of us in order. (In order of birth.)

Me (Jenessa)-15

I don’t know why, but throughout the vacation in Hinton I was classified as ‘younger.’ I found myself always being considered ‘little’ becase I was with Alisa and Carlee. (And they’re not little either.)  Even though I was older then Ryan, Ryan was throughout the trip considered older. ‘Wow,’ I would find myself thinking, ‘I’m older then Ryan, and Maxx isn’t THAT much older then me!!’ I didn’t understand it.

I found myself sighing and remembering: when I graduate next year, when my book is published…they’ll realize how much I’ve grown.

Don’t get me wrong, I did have fun. Tons of it. Boatloads!
We went to West Ed, went swimming, hung out, watched movies, the list goes on.
Bottom line: it was a lot of fun.

On the way home I was surprised. I got to meet Grace Kelly!! Who is Grace Kelly? She’s an amazing girl that I know. I met her threw my online school that I’m with, we’ve been really super good friends for about a year. We have a lot in common, music, books, etc.
She knew my friend Maxx (Carlee’s brother), for a year before I ever was aware of her existance. Then she began talking to Carlee a little bit.

Then I messaged her. What?! I was curious, she sounded interesting. Plus: she liked the same kindof music as me! Score!! 🙂

So, we becamse super good friends.

Imagine my jealousy when Maxx and Carlee got to meet her?

Grace and I!!

I only got to meet Grace for about 20 minutes. Wow, that was torture. One of my best friends, and only get to hang out for a few minutes!! That was horrible, but it was better then nothing I guess. Soon, Grace promised, we’d get to hang out more. I can only hope.


Yesterday I went longboarding for the first time yesterday. Yes, I do longboard. Don’t see it? Yes, I am a song writing, blogger, writer, book worm, music geek, Jesus freak, LONGBOARDING girl.
That’s me.

I hadn’t done it since late last fall cuz the snow had come. It was beautiful yesterday so I went out. Bad, bad, bad, BAD idea.

I thought: “oh, I should go longboarding.
I didn’t have good shoes, cuz the one I used last year are completely worn out. But me being the crazy person I am did it anyways. Forgetting that my feet are stupid already. (I have to wear orthotics cuz of some silly problem.)  So I go, and I put in my orthotics, but I forgot to take out the soles of my shoes. And put the orthotics ontop of the soles. (Yes, that was really stupid.) I’m longbaording, and my feet are KILLING me, and I’ve gone awhile, I remember I hadn’t taken out the soles.  So I take out the soles, and put the orthotics, back in. Then I start to longbaord again, and one of my shoes were falling off at one point and didn’t have enough support…

TIP: do NOT go out longboarding without good shoes.


New Music!! 🙂
Who’d like to see my new video: “Light Up the Sky, by the Afters (cover)”.
Check it out here:

Blessings, Smiles, Prayers, and Music,
Jenessa Joy ♥


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