You out in blogsphere probably know “Carlee,” she’s the writer of the blog: “Before You Call.” My faithful friend, and sister, has created a colourful, humble, Godly blog, and she’s good at writing it. 🙂 If you don’t know her from “Before You Call,” you might know her from writing a few times on “Believing and Beyond…” before “Before You Call” was ever on the horizion.

This Carlee, is one of my best friend, I have known her for ten years, as of last August. She lived in the humble little town I reside in for 7 years, before moving to a (even smaller, even humbler) little town, 3 years ago. This little town in northern BC, is 12 hours from my own little town. I see her once a year, twice if we’re lucky.  She is still one of the best friends that I have ever had. I talk to her on the phone pratically everyday, My best friend doesn’t think I can keep a secret. Well, she found out she was wrong about this on Tuesday.

….It’s Tuesday, probably about 8:00, and me and my cousin are waiting outside a small cornerstore. I had just phoned Mrs.B., she’s like my secound mother, she’s amazing. The conversation went something like this:
Me: Hey! It’s me!
Mrs.B: Oh, I’m sorry, I think you got the wrong number!! (Whispering.) We’ll be right there!
Me: Yeah, we’re at Marg’s now.
Mrs.B: Haha, oh, it’s okay! Byee!
Me: Byee!
You see, what Carlee doesn’t know, but Mrs.Bouillon does is that, I am about 5  minutes from Carlee’s house. Carlee had been in the room when she picked up the phone.

So a few minutes later, a familar blue van drives into the mini mart parking lot. But there was something unusual about the driver.
“OHMYFREAKINGGOODNESS!” I yell, jolting my cousin from his snooze. “MAXX IS DRIVING!?”
Whose Maxx? He wrote on my blog a few years ago,  and
He’s Carlee’s big brother, 5 months older then me, 16 years old, he’s smart,  talented, and has good taste in music, he’s also my friend….yeah, and he’s driving.
I jump out of my cousin Jamie’s car, shocked. For Pete’s sake!! He’s one of my greatest friends, I’ve known him for 10 years…since I was little! We should still be little. But we’re not. I’m turning 16 on my next birthday, and he’s already driving!! Mrs.B. is already out of the front seat of the van, and giving me a hug. “Jenessa! You’re here!”
Yup. I was “here.” It was hard to believe.
Slinging my backpack and camera bag over my sholder, I gave Jamie a hug. Mrs.B. had my suitcase now. Waving good-bye I said my thanks to my cousin for putting up with me for 12 hours.

Mrs.B. puts the suitcase in the back, and I climbed in. Maxx is grinning as he sits behind the wheel. “Hey Maxx!” I say, “you should’ve seen my reaction when I saw that you were driving! I freaked out.” He laughs quietly as I tell him my reaction, it was probably exactly the one he wanted. (Mrs.B. told me later that he had wanted to freak me out. 🙂 )

Mrs.B. tells me the plan as we drive away from the mini mart, and toward’s there house. “Carlee suspects something,” she tells me.
“What!? How!?” I protest, I thought I had covered all my bases.
Maxx, and Mrs.B. fill me in on how Carlee had confided in Maxx on how Carlee had said that it seemed like I was coming…but I hadn’t said anything, which was ‘unusual.’ Carlee had also heard Mrs.B. whisper something into the phone…Carlee had thought she had said: “there here!!” Rather then: “we’ll be right there!!”

Mrs.B. and Maxx decided that I would hide in the van, then walk into the house 2-5 minutes later, just to dissapoint her a little bit…

So we arrived.  Mrs.B. and Maxx went inside (while I ducked down, so Carlee wouldn’t see me when the lights in the van went on.), and told Carlee that they had found the owner of the cell phone they had found. I waited impatiently in the darkness of the van, waiting. I had indured 12 hours of traveling, now the last 5 minutes would be the hardest. Turning on my MP4 I turned on a Taylor Swift song and waited, making myself wait until a certain point in the song.

Finally, I got out of the van, not properly closing the van door, so they wouldn’t hear.

Darting up the stairs, and opening the door, with my new camera in hand  I walk towards the back room where they were watching a movie.

Knocking the door frame I peered in: “Hey! Can I come in?”
Mrs.B., Maxx, and I wait for Carlee’s reaction….she keeps watching the TV…then she realizes it isn’t Jonah. (Carlee’s little brother.) She glances over. “Oh, it’s some girl…”

Then it registers. It’s Jenessa. Her long lost best friend/sister.

She jumps up, “JENESSA!” Running over she gives me a fierce hug, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE! YOU CAN’T KEEP A SECRET!”

I laugh. “Apparently, I can.”

Mrs.B., Maxx, and I, together recreate the funny story of how my Mom had come up with a plan to smuggle me to the little town, with my cousin Jimmy. That was three days previous, on Sunday. Mrs.B. had told Maxx, and Mr.B. but not Jonah, and Carlee….surprises are beautiful are they not?

ESPECIALLY if they’re your best friend that you haven’t seen in a year!! 🙂

Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers,
Jenessa Joy ♥


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