Valentine’s Day Thoughts…

Valentine’s day is more then just a day for the romantics to have an excuse to be…well…romantic! 😛
It is a day of love, yes, but who says you have to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?? I don’t have a boyfriend, and I’m fine with that. Singleness is a gift!

But do you know that there is a deeper meaning behind Valentine’s day?? “St.Valentine”, or rather: “Valentius” was actually one of the early Christian Martyrs. I suggest you look into it. You can read more about it here:

Valentine isn’t only for the romantics. For me it is a day of happiness, of joy. Love?? Yes. But what about love for friends and family?? What about the selfless love of Jesus?? We should remember this everyday. But today? Sure. Go for it. Today is not only a day of love for all the couples. It’s a day of remembrance.

So remember.


…just a little Valentine video for you. But remember: REMEMBER.


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