Okay, forget this. I needa tell you: 


I finished almost a week ago, and I apologize, but things were absolutely crazy, hazy, mazy, beautifully busy!! So here I am blogging it to you now…I thought in celebration of my accomplishment I would write the story of this book, and my journey to the finish line…

Once upon a time… It was summer 2011, and I was visiting family in Abbotsford. Somehow I had an epiphany, an epiphany of a story!!!! It needed to be written. I have no idea where the idea for this story came from. It was a story of a girl, and how she was given a necklace that was a family heirloom. The necklace was really a key that opened a chamber that contained both good and evil within. The story is the path she lead, with her companions to try and open the chamber, and the obstocles and love that she recieves, and finds through the years. (A/N: Some people have said the storyline was like a “modern Pandora’s box.” I never thought of it that way!! I suppose there are some simialarities! Thoughts?)

So I began to write it. I think one of the reasons I started writing it was so that I could base one of the charactars after my cousin: Elijah. Elijah’s “charactar” was Lijy, a comical elf. (You’ll see when you read it.) Throughout the months I worked hard on it, on and off. I gave this book my all. I refused to stop. It was a big thing. The secound reason I started writing “the Key,” was cuz years ago I said I wanted to get a book published before I was 16. I’m turning 16 on my next birthday! I lowered it to have a book WRITTEN by the time I’m 16. So I had to have a book written. (A/N: I have written books before…but none of them felt, well, right! None publishing worthy I think, I guess!)  Okay. Let’s give that a go! Reason #3 is just because I LOVE TO WRITE. That isn’t hard to see.

Much to my surprise I didn’t get writers block until the last stretch of writing. Finally the last few weeks of January rolled around.I was writing, or something, and then it occured to me: I don’t have much left to write! I could finish it! And soon! Idecided to try and finish it by Friday, Febuary 3rd so I could show the ending to my friends Libby, and Ben. Who’re Libby and Ben?? You might know Libby from my dream: She is good friend, and I’ve based a charactar (Lisbon; the healer.) off of her. Ben?? Ben is two years younger then me, and like a brother. A charactar, (Ken; wizard &c.) was also based off of him. You’re probably wondering why I like to base charactars of people I know…There are lots of reasons!– maybe it gives me a special connection with the story.  Maybe it’s so I can recreate memories, in different settings, maybe its so I can relive  good memories. It’s just very fun to imagine some of the prominant people in my life playing a large roll in stories. Also: while I’m writing I’m IN the adventure, so I pull my friends in with me, and make them charactars. There are a lot of reasons I love to mould charactars after friends/family etc.

I reached my date. I finished it Febuary 1st, at exactly 12:59. “The Key,written by Jenessa Joy Klukas, was officially done!

Now I’m done: it’s 12 chapters long. My next job is to finish typing/editing/rewriting. It’ll be a big job, but it’ll be worth it. I really love writing, and more then anything I want to get my book published, to get there I’ll have to survive the editing and rewriting stage of the publishing process.

I’m going to try and get it published, that is my hope and dream. I don’t know what we’re going to choose for publishing… Literary agent? Self-publishing? I’m not sure! I don’t know. But something I am confident of: I know I can do it…One step at a time. I’ll figure it out. More then anything in the world I want to be a writer, and I have no doubt, with God’s help, I’ll be able to get there…

Onto the next book!! (Not kidding. I’m working on my next book already!!)

Jenessa Joy ♥




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