I had a Dream….

Once Upon a Time not long ago there lived three girls. They were named Libby, Jenessa, and Nadia. One day Libby, Nadia, and Jenessa set out on a mission. “What kindof mission?” you ask. A dangerous, bad one. Disguising themselves in horribly itchy kilts they set out to rob Overwaitea. Don’t bother hiding it I see the shocked exspression on your face. “NO!” you think, “you wouldn’t rob Overwaitea…would you?” Keep reading.

You see Nadia was a time traveler from the future and she had a great fear of Overwaitea directors. To conquer that fear Nadia had to eat a certain amount of food from Overwaitea before the three girls could escape. Including some magic jelly beans to make her ‘brave.’

After leaving the time traveler, and her two companions hurried away, running from the police. They traveled until they came to Jenessa’s house. They were certain the news of the robbery ahd already reached Jenessa’s parents ears so the girls hid in Jenessa’s backyard. In the snow. In the cold. Trying to fall asleep. Easy? I think not.

Someone caught them on camera from the bottom of Jenessa’s house…Nadia, Jenessa, and Libby were caught! They were pulled through the window of the house, and sat down and questioned. During the questioning someone was typing out there responses on a typewriter…Jenessa felt awful, why had she done it?? She was a Christian! She wanted to be a good example to others! Why?? The odd thing was Jenessa’s parents weren’t present, only her Aunt which was quite confusing. Why was her Aunt there?? She lived 45 minutes away!

Her parents were dropping her brother off at tutoring sessions, and when they came back they took her onto the stairs to talk, her Dad showed her something on the stairs. A dental sticker? That Jenessa had put there??

……Then I woke up……….

A strange dream.

I can gaurentee you I did NOT  rob Overwaitea, with Libby and Nadia. Nadia is NOT a time traveler. And in reality I would NOT rob Overwaitea. 😉

Hope I gave you a smile.
Jenessas Joy♦



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