Believing and Beyond, Music, Runners–oh yeah, DEADLINES! EEK!

Believing and Beyond has 2 new posts! Yay!  Yay! Yay! 🙂 Check em out here—

So music? Whose ready for a new cover! Me! Wait, I don’t count, I’m the one covering. **Rolls Eyes.** Anyone OTHER THEN ME!? What why don’t I count? I’m human? Yes, I am human. But there’s more people then me in the universe. And I’d like other peoples feedback. Mm, good point! Okay, I just argued with myself. Weird much? Yup. You’re just plain bizarre. Yup. No changing the truth. Yeah, fact is fact. Yup you’re weird. So are you! Yes.

Other peoples music that I listen to, that I highly recommend!

Freak Morice–they’re not a Christian band. But I love ’em. They have amazing voices, good harmonies, the guitarist is an absolute GENIUS.

Tiffany Alvord–Same type of thing. Youtube artist, who has a very Taylor Swift-Fun sound. She isn’t a Christian either, but her music is amazing.

Cimorelli–An amazing group of sisters! They’re awesome. 🙂 They are Christian but sing pop/rock songs. 🙂

Megan and Liz–I’m sure I’ve shared these girls before. 🙂 They’re very good. Not Christians as far as I know, but there voices are good. There stand against bullying is a very commendable.

Matthew West–He is an amazing Christian Singer. Highly recommend him. 🙂

Lecrae–Powerful Christian Rapper. Epic.

Mikeschair–They are sooo good. Christian band. I suggest you buy there Album: “A Beautiful Life.”

Okay, I could go on FOREVER. I’m a music freak in case you hadn’t noticed. 😛

Runners: I got new runners! Asics. They’re the best runners I have ever worn. Can’t wait to try them out. But because of the cold, Mom won’t let me go out.

Deadlines–EEK! :O I’m hoping I’ll survive all the deadlines. Especially in math. But the Esther deadlines are coming up. Tomorrow! Will I survive? I hope so! Pray for me!!!!!!!!!

Until next time I bid you good-bye!



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