Dear God–so many things in 2011 weren’t what I expected it to be. But it was amazing all the same. Your plan was so much better then mine.

To my parents; you stuck to me like glue. Thank-you. I love you. I’m so blessed to have you both Mum and Dad. You’re amazing. We made it through 2011, now it’s time for 2012!

Dear Carlee; you’ve been here for me through thick and thin! Thank-you for being my constant friend. For the one person who knows practically everything about me. Your the sister I have never had. I hope I’ve been just a good a friend to you as you have with me. I love your passion for horses, and how you’re God honoring. Don’t ever change for the world. In case you didn’t know, you’re one of my best friends ever, in case you didn’t know!

Dear Libby–We’ve just become friends this year. I’m so glad we did! You are one of my best friends now. You make me laugh, and give me someone to tease.  I love that you’re a Christian, and passionate about music, and are willing to kick me if I do something stupid.

Dear Naomi, you are my kindred spirit. There are so many words I could say about you. So many conversations, and prayers through 2011.  Thanks for being my friend. Love you sister!

Dear Selina & Josiah–you have bright futures ahead of both of you. I got to meet you both this year. And it was so nice, I hope our paths cross again. You both are musically talented, and may God bless and Keep you.I’m praying for you both.

Dear Maxx–we’ve had our ups and downs this year. But you stuck with me. Thank-you for putting up with me. I’m praying for you.

Dear Talina; you’re in Thailand! Is that going well? I miss you! I can’t wait until I see you again. Remember our verse. Joshua 1:9. Be strong and courageous.

Dear Grace–you’re incredible in case you didn’t know that.

Dear Davis–I love music just as much as you.


Dear the rest of my friends and family: I wish I could write a letter to each and every one of you. But I can’t. That would take insanely long,it would take so many very long pages, so many words, tons of pens…. because you’re all so incredible. I think of all of you now, as I write this to say: You’re awesome, and you’ve stood strong for me, and with me. You know who you are, and I thank-you sincerely.

Dear the trials in my path–God placed you in my path this year for a reason. It made me stronger. I didn’t always understand. But God did. He knows my future. And with his helped I conquered you.

Dear Prince Charming, I’m holding out for a hero.

Dear God, you’ve read my letters. You know my heart, and my soul. And my life is in your control. I’m unafraid of what 2012 will bring. I know you have a perfect plan.




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