Snow (again), music again, Believing and Beyond AGAIN!

It’s snowing….AGAIN! :O Heavy white flakes, I admit it does look kinda pretty as it falls. 🙂 Yes, definatly pretty. We’re living in a winter wonderland here.

Winter Wonderland much?


Thanks to my friend Grace for letting me use & edit her awesome pic! Follow her on twitter at @GraceKelly50

The cover of Owl City came out yesterday. It definatly wasn’t my best work. I had plenty of mess ups, and did not do this song much justice, but I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this anyways!
I will also be having an original song heading your way soon! 🙂

Believing and Beyond! My other blog, of course, I asked you to keep reading it…I have seen a major lift in readers so….THANK-YOU! I encourage you to read both of them. Believing and Beyond and Jenessa Joy’s Journal, if you have the time. 🙂 A new post on Believing and Beyond came out today! I know it’s been awhile! Sorry. 😦 But read it now! 😀 I’ll try to post more often.

Guess I’ll be heading out for now…:)
Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers!
Jenessa Joy ♦



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