Snow, boots, Believing and Beyond, music…

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not even December, and we have about…2 feet?? Snow banks are forming, and they’ll keep piling up. *sigh.* How much will we have at the end of the year?? I would say 28 feet…
Now, because of all the snow you need boots, and heavy coats (or sweaters, either works.), and hats. I like them all. But sloshing around in the snow, gets tiresome in March…

Special thanks to my friend Davis for letting me use and edit his awesome picture!!!

Just thought I’d update you on the music grounds: I will be (trying) to do a cover every week. This weeks video was Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Check it out!! You can see more of my covers at: (Subscribe if you want…?)  I also will be posting my covers in the: ”My Music” page above. Keep your eye out!!

My book: I’M ON CHAPTER FIVE!!!!!!!!!! :O Shocker! I have around 70 handwritten pages!! (70 and a quarter, if you want the technical. 😉 ) And I know there are many, many, more pages to come! 🙂 So excited. 🙂 This book, is probably the best manuscript I’ve ever written, and with God’s help, and your support I hope to get it published!! 🙂

Believing and Beyond: my other blog! I haven’t been posting on it (or here,) that much, but I plan on putting a new post there soon! So keep your eyes peeled! And check it out here: Believing and Beyond…

Blessings, Smile, and Prayers!
Jenessa Joy


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