3 Things….

A few things….
1. I’m going to try and put a cover up every week…this weeks cover? ‘Who Says’ by Selena Gomez. Please check it out! 🙂 It’s defiantly not perfect, I wasn’t very happy with the beginning where I went off tune, but I kept it up because of my friend Grace. So check it out.

2. It has officially snowed here! It did last week sometime! Shocker! :O It was only a dusting, and it disappeared quite quickly….it was still snow though!  I had even written a whole awesome post on a whole bunch of stuff (including snow!) but somehow it deleted my article, so I had to delete the post! 😦 I’m sorry to all you subscribers who got a “new post” email, without anything but a title. 😦 Sorry for any confusion.

3. I am working on Chapter Four of my  book! 🙂 So happy about that! Yay! This book is defiantly one of the best works I have ever written…:) so happy about how it’s going!

I’ll try and put a more animated bouncy post on soon. 😛 I wish I could recover that one post I wrote….new posts (and covers, and oringinal songs) coming up! Keep your eye out! 😉

Jenessa Joy ♥



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