Blogger block, autumn, sept 26th, and 16 in 7 months…

I’ve been trying to use a whole bunch of witty comments, and fun facts to wow you with my awesomeness (if I have any!) but as of lately I honestly couldn’t think of things. Blogger Block!

I was thinking about talking about the Twilight books, but I decided I’d offend you with my opinion. (What’s so interesting about dead humans that have a craving for human blood anyways?) So I didn’t.

Silly blogger block.

And now it’s September 26th 2011 and I’m sitting here, typing. I’m wondering ‘what do my readers think of me?’ Am I crazy? Eccentric? Long winded? Funny? Riducoulous? Smart? Silly? Stupid? Oh well. Whatever. I’m typing…you’re reading. So there must be something here that I’m doing somewhat decent. 😛

Thought: I can’t believe it’s October! Leaves are falling from the trees, and the air is so fresh and crisp! The snow is low on the mountains, and I’m sure very soon we’ll have a white wintery layer on the ground. What next? Where’d summer go? Why am I not in shorts and a t-shirt?

Another thought: in 7 months it will be my birthday. And I’ll be turning 16. I know it’s still 7 months away, but I can still remember thinking: “I’ll NEVER be 16!” Yet in about 7 months I will be 16. My life hasn’t turned out what I thought it would be…but if I had to go back to change it, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Would ya look at that? Guess the Blogger Block is gone!

I’ll be signing off!
Jenessa Joy ♥


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