Summer etc.

Summer’s amazing….or at least mine was!!!! 🙂 😀  I’m sharing some of my beautiful, precious, pictures. These pictures will give you little glimpses of my summer, and I hope you enjoy them. They include a couple of pictures from my Alberta trip, Serve Kitimat 2011, etc. Anyone who is interested in Serve, I would encourage you to look into going next year! It is definatly an amazing experiance, that I cherish. It was definatly a high-light of my summer.
I promised pictures of my summer, so  here we go!

On the Way ThereAt the border of Alberta

When we were sanduning with the Pressie's, it was to pretty not to take a picture of!
Sophia getting a shot with her camera. 🙂
And a edit. 🙂
A view of a waterfall we saw while "sightseeing".
SERVE KITIMAT 2011, painting the ceiling of a church.
My pal Libby, and I after painting.
Praise and Worship @ Serve.
This was taken at a beautiful point on this hiking trip. It was gorgeous there!

So, I shall close this post, with a smiley-smirk! 🙂 These are just a few of the pictures that hold many precious memories for me…:)

Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers!!!
Jenessa Joy♦
PS: Please check out my blog Believing and Beyond! 🙂


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  1. […] Remember that surprise I did for my best friend?? Yes, well, I stayed with Carlee for 10 days, then Mrs. B., Carlee, Maxx, Jonah, and I headed on the road towards Grand Prairie. We’ve known the B. family for a long time, 10 whole years, and my family, the B. family, and another family that we’d known forever in a day were having a little reunion. The Pressie’s live in Hinton, you might remember me talking about visiting them last summer. […]


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