Here We Are Again!

So, here we are again! I’m blogging, and you’re reading my posts. My words. About anything I talk about.

   What about the weather? Convents? Life? Love? Hope? Serving? Reading? Writing? Penguins? Perfection? Coffee? (Coffee=gross, unless in a Carmel frappacino.)Are you still reading? You’re not? Uh-oh! That’s not good! Wait…you are! Good! 🙂 Hm, I better start talking about something interesting, considering your  still reading this after I babbled about random stuff!

   So summer is over, school has begun! I am currently facing a challenge of school! I am now in Grade 10, which is (supposedly) one of the hardest years in high-school. Hm. As of this year I am in the grad program! The grad program!? Wait. What? It’s weird for me knowing that I’ll be graduating “soon.” It’s bizarre. I’m taking 3 courses online: Math 10, Planning 10, and Creative Writing. The creative writing, is SO MUCH FUN! I love it.  My main struggle is in math. Ick. I am going to die, math is a beast that will slay me!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. I did just get my English curriculum, and I’m very excited about it, it’s on British Authors!!!! 😀

   I’m still doing dance, though unfortunately my dance teacher can’t teach us, so we have student teachers: Ayla, Andre, and Ileah teaching….ho-hum. :/ I am starting my own small dance group, for fun mostly, and to get some of the choreography that I’ve thought of into actual dances! Some of the music I would like to use is:

Stand, by Rascal Flatts:

A Beautiful Life, Mikeschair:

Tonight, Tobymac:

I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve. 🙂

I’m planning on putting up some pictures of my summer sometime soon, I’m sorry, I know I promised I would “soon” before, and haven’t yet…..but I will! I can’t right now, but I will!

   I shall be taking my leave now…

Jenessa Joy♥




  1. Good luck with Grade 10! I’m sure you’ll do fine. Grade 10 is pretty hard, especially with all the Provincial exams. Math is also my WORST subject! Your creative writing and English courses sound great! English/Literature/Creative Writing is definitely my favourite subject!
    So what type of dance do you do?

    Sarah (from the bookclub)


    • Thank-you, I’ll probably need it. 😛 Usually I don’t have this many problems with math, this year I do though. The creative writing and english course should go over well. I love reading, and writing, so I think it will be good. 🙂

      I do ballet, and contemparary dance. 🙂

      Jenessa Joy/Belief


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